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Misfortunes of MacKenzie- Take 5.


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        You all thought I had given up my blogging, didn't you? Tsk, Tsk... such little faith! Ha, I kid... I suck at time management. 
        But today I bring you another Misfortunes... to welcome me back into the blogging world I thought laughing at my own mishaps was an appropriate way to ask for my readers forgiveness for lack of updates.
        For starters, has anyone else noticed that it has been raining an obscene amount as of late? I have begun to expect the cloudy/rainy/miserable weather every morning as opposed to sunshine. 
       I had class one morning when it was down pouring- and I mean, the sky was pretty much falling. I know I have been known to exaggerate, but I swear this was pretty awful. I woke up and had two choices (mom, skip this part) I could not move from bed because rain... or I could conjure up the 'courage' and be an adult, trek through the rain and go gain so much knowledge in class (note: sarcasm). MIND YOU, Mai and I at this point had zero umbrellas... (cue complaints about my hair getting ruined, and noooo my makeupppp, it will runnnnnn). I threw both of those options out the window, I turned into a straight up die-va, I called Uber. I realized I wasn't walking but I also COULDN'T miss this class- it was an important one. Uber showed up, I got in... he didn't say much, just asked me to put in the destination address on the Uber app (which is a new thing because I never had to do this before..) so I did. Temple Place, Boston Ma, I didn't pay attention to the zip code because it said Boston, Ma... I just assumed it was right (I know, I know, when you assume it makes an ass out of U and Me...) This ride should be, AT MOST, 5 minutes.
      There I am just sitting in the back seat as the rain pours down harshly against the windshield, trying hard to keep warm in my massive michelin man jacket. I look up and  realize we are now on the highway (remember, this class is literally five minutes from my APT). My class starts at 10.. it was about 9:45. I speak up, "wait, I am confused why are we on the highway?" to which he replies, "well aren't you going to Roslindale?" HUH? I don't even know where that place is?! And the app definitely said 'BOSTON, MA'.. so I said just that, to which he responded, "but the zip code is for Roslindale..." I didn't understand this because why would it say Boston, Ma as the city- regardless, we were going the wrong way and I was gonna be LATE... and what happens next was the icing on the cake. Oh you know, the sun shines brighter than it had in months. Rainbows and shit flying in the sky. I am now melting in my michelin jacket... stuck in traffic in my pretentious Uber ride to get to my five minute class because God Forbid I walk in rain.. (KARMA!!)  My anxiety is THROUGH the roof as I watch the clock. It was now 953, I am getting annoyed, asking him if there is anyway we can go around this traffic to get back into the city. I told him I needed to get to the state house (I tried giving him the address but he was all "can you direct me." DUDE I  could get lost in a paper bag). He told me he knew how to get to the state house (wrong... and this is why I have major trust issues, thanks Uber!) We got lost for another 10 minutes, he is blaming me for telling him the wrong directions (if I am not mistaken sir, this is YOUR JOB.. now I am curious what the requirements are in order to become an Uber driver...). 
       We get close enough, I finally just tell him to stop... I get out and run to class. I am so against running in any scenario.. you are about to miss a bus? miss it. You forgot something in the car that is now driving away... get it later.. but I think all the adrenaline in me just made my legs go (and it was a half ass run, so don't laugh too much). I was 30 minutes late... the classroom door was locked, I had to bang on it for them to open..... yikes, embarrassing. As I finally take my seat, I get the Uber alert regarding my bill....22 DOLLARS...TWENTY TWO DOLLARS............k. 

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