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Misfortunes of MacKenzie- Take 3.

Here is part 1 and part 2

So it's that time again... Here is another 'Misfortunes of MacKenzie'.. This is in honor of an awkward situation that happened on Saturday.
      I had spent the day in South Boston with some friends, celebrating St. Patricks day the way anyone who even has .5% of Irish decent in them, does...(yeah, you with the last name aren't fooling anyone!) a lot of drinking.. and a lot of talking if the person next to you was actually across the street and not an arms length away. In short, we celebrated like Bostonians usually do. 
     By the end of the day I grabbed a train to Andover to celebrate the rest of the holiday with my family...The train was relatively empty since it was pretty late... And I slid down on the closest seat I could find, I was pretty exhausted. I had my head phones in, music blasting... And some middle aged woman in front of me, turned to face me... But all I could see were lips moving, my music kept me from actually hearing what she was saying. I quickly took out my headphones to avoid any extension of this already awkward encounter. 
      Upon seeing me take my headphones out, she repeated herself, "can I borrow your phone for a second?" I mean, I really am not one to actually just hand my cell phone to anyone..
(except that one time I let a homeless man borrow it in the Boston Commons...when I was by he could call his "young son", who really sounded like a middle aged man who smoked three packs a day... but that's another story)... anyway, I've heard letting random people use your phone is just a robbery waiting to happen- but, we were confined on a train..what was she going to to the next box car? And from what I could tell, she seemed like a nice woman. I said sure and handed it over. 
    So she dialed whoever... They didn't answer, she called a few more people.. someone answered at some point..and she had a short conversation that I didn't pay attention to. After the conversation ended, she didn't hand my phone right back, instead, she now had my phone down near the seat.. I could see in the reflection she was texting someone? So about 5 minutes pass and I say "you almost done?" And she replied, "yup! I just don't want to get to my stop and not have anyone there to get me." Which I understood, eventually she handed the phone back. I put my head phones back in and waited for my stop... And this is where it gets good... So I received two phone calls from an unknown number, and then these two text messages.. Where I replied

Sorry, but excuse me?


But really, please call the cops, that would actually make this story much more blog worthy! 
Also, don't threaten me bro!


You guys need counseling for sure.....and your shoes? You are worried about your adult wife on a train???????
(Which is actually what I said among other things, I was getting frustrated because he also kept calling ha)


He is persistent, I'll give him that.


   Was I mean? maybe...But he wanted to call the cops on me for kidnapping his wife- so what do you expect? 
   and also, piece together what?!? What is this a CSI case or something? She was on a train- the end...There yeah go, all pieced together.
    But the reason I needed to just screenshot all of these this morning was because of the gradual interest from my friends about what happened next.. Well I also got this message from a random person I assume is the one she was secretly texting on my phone... Too bad she deleted what she initially said


WHAT DID SHE SAY? WHO IS THIS PERSON? WHY DID THEY RESPOND SO LATE? Okay, now I feel like piecing things together, ha.
But the moral of the story.. Don't let random people on train borrow your phone.. Because you will get accused of kidnapping by insecure husbands whom believe you to be a threat.

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