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Misfortunes of MacKenzie

This entry doesn't really relate much to the usual content of my blog, but I just felt it necessary to start this new segment called 'The Misfortunes of MacKenzie.' Which contrary to how it sounds, is by no means a deep or meaningful post. See, I am by far one of the unluckiest people around… if you don't believe in luck, well, for lack of a better explanation, I generally get the shit end of the stick on most occasions. These occurrences are merely trivial, and as my friends would explain, humorous… i'm actually starting to believe that they hang around me just to sit back and laugh at my moments of extreme awkwardness and discomfort… (just kidding, I love you guys.) 

          See, I am that short girl you see walking down the street, whose umbrella has just configured itself inside out…and as she tries, with all her might to bring it back to it's normal form, falls into a puddle that has miraculously formed in front of her (yes, it has happened on more than one occasion.) Meanwhile, the rest of the world is walking by with their umbrellas perfectly intact, and wind blowing majestically through their hair like they are on a movie shoot…mines plastered across my face, affecting my vision, most likely the reason for my tumble into the peculiarly deep puddle. 
I have come all too accustomed to looking up at my friends after one of these mishaps, to see them sporting these expressions that convey a sympathetic smirk… that of one you'd usually give a puppy who tumbles and falls on his butt as he tries to grasp the concept of walking…And after the last few days, and frequency of these moments… I realized twitters 140 characters didn't allow me to share these stories to their full potential, alas, welcome this new segment… because why should my friends be the only ones who get a chuckle at my expense? 
So let my just start with the mishap that triggered this new blog entry. It was a frigid day in Boston... the wind, which intensified as it traveled between all the tall buildings in the city, nearly knocked me down as I walked against it. I decided to make a stop at Dunkin’ Donuts to grab a hot coffee, it sounded perfectly fitting in that weather. So, as I was walking towards Dunkins’, I see this homeless man shaking a cup asking for money. I was taken over by this awful, sympathetic feeling- it was SO incredibly cold, and there he was with no where to go. So I decided, "I am going to buy him a coffee while I get myself one!" I was feeling good about the nice deed I was about to do- I handed the cashier my money, and headed out the door. As I walked over to the homeless man who was standing near by, a wide smile grew on my face- I thought he was going to be thrilled. I held out the cup of coffee towards him and said, “here you go! I got you one.” He quickly replied, “I don't want that, already have one.” shuuuuut down, that smile was wiped off my face instantaneously. So I insisted he have two for when he done with the other, “no” he says.. “but do you have any money?” I walked away.
         So, instead of being that the short girl struggling with her umbrella, I was now that short girl looking completely distraught as I tried hard to balance those two coffees, my notebook and cell phone...and then boom...yeah, remember that wind? well my notebook, which was tucked under my armpit so I could hold onto the coffees, decided to go for a ride. As it fell from under my arm, a bunch of papers flew out of it. I looked like a crazy person running after some of the papers that were swirling with the wind, having to place the coffee on the ground so I could reach in the air to stop them from flying away for good. Shout out to the homeless man for killing my vibe. 
Anyway, my friends have actually been sending me stories they think I need to be adding to this segment- some I refuse to post, but some I will bite the bullet and post for your enjoyment. 

Ps! I am picking the contest winner tomorrow! Thank you all of entering- there is still one more day to enter!

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