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A Terrible Date With A Celebrity!?- Misfortunes Of MacKenzie Take 4


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Below I also listed the winners of the skywalk tickets at top of the hub! 

    I went on a date...with an actor…this happened not too long ago, so hopefully said person isn’t reading this- but I won’t be dropping any names for that reason (and i’m sure legality reasons), ok let me start from the beginning! 
      It was Friday night and I was laying in bed watching ‘The Office’ (typical), and I noticed  a flood of Instagram notifications pop up on my phone… It was some random kid… now usually I would just ignore something like this, but this kid looked familiar! I clicked on his Instagam pictures, scrolled through, and I knew I had seen him somewhere... but just couldn't put my finger on where I had seen him. After reading some of the captions on his pictures, it seemed that he just flew into Boston for the weekend after being out of the country. So I of course Googled his name (oh like you wouldn’t!) and there he was all over Google… (I will call him Tanner for the sake of this story, which is no where close to his real name) I was intrigued.. “cooool a celebrity is liking my pictures,” his Instagram was also connected to his Twitter, which was a verified account, so I knew it was really him and not a catfish. Not only was he an actor, but he was pretty damn attractive, so I decided to follow him back… he then direct messaged me on Instagram (yes, that is a thing, I was surprised by it too!) We had small chit chat about how our days were going (I of course made up something instead of saying 'yeah just laying in bed, eating and watching The Office'...) after our small talk, he asked if I wanted to grab a drink with him later that night. Of course you are all thinking exactly what I was thinking- booty call. I would have said no for that reason alone, but after talking with my friends, I wanted to hang with him because he is attractive, seemed really sweet, down to earth, and hey, he is an actor. Plus, my friends would be with me the whole time, and I know myself, I wouldn’t be hooking up with him- so therefore he could think what he wanted

       I got ready for the night, and headed to the Granary Tavern with some friends. We chatted, got some nice cocktails, and laughed at the whole scenario that some random actor found my Instagram (still don’t know how he stumbled upon mine…). Meanwhile, “Tanner” and I had exchanged numbers… and had been texting throughout the night to meet up later! He said he was at a fun bar I was sort of familiar with, I asked him if the line was long to which he replied, “yes, but I can get you in right away.” (eye roll emoji).. but I told him I had 5 people coming along with me… he then told me he didn't think he could get five people in. So he proceeded to say that he was going back to his hotel if I wanted to join and grab a few drinks at the hotel bar, there was no way I was going to his hotel… So I said that I felt bad leaving all my friends, so he should just meet us! He said he would. About 15 minutes passed, and in he walked. All I could think was, “this has the potential to be so awkward….” I made sure to tell my friends to keep the conversation going if it ever got weird. 
      Things went smoothly at the bar, and once the lights starting turning on, we all decided to head back to my apartment. I invited him to join as we were going have a few more drinks and just hang out. He came with, and soon my friends started dwindling and it was just him and I. Of course I am thinking, that he is thinking he is going to get lucky…. ah, he was so wrong. We were watching T.V, I didn't know how to nicely say, "okay leave" so I sat awkwardly apart from him on the couch. He kept making comments/ or telling me stories about each actor that he knew personally, that popped up on the screen… I acted un-phased by it all. He then started getting weird… asking me personal questions that I was not comfortable answering… so I diverted the conversation. I asked him more about his career, how he got into it, and if he enjoyed being in the entertainment business. He then brought up my blog.. I told him I really try to promote organ donation as much as possible...and thats when it went down hill. Before I could say anything after explaining I promote organ donation he jumped in, “Oh, I don’t believe in organ donation. I think my mouth dropped a bit. I didn’t think that was a thing to not believe inDo you believe in helping feed hungry, impoverished children? I don't get it. But of course, I can’t judge anyones opinions, since I am sure I believe things others, don’t… I asked him why he didn’t believe in organ donation, “well, I heard straight from a few nurses mouthes that if you are organ donor and you are close to death.. they will just let you die instead of saving you so they can take your organs and donate them…” 
Ahhhh, ignorance, what a terribly scary thing. Maybe these were nurses in some of his movies? Despite the anger growing in me, I replied as nicely as possible.. “Well that isn’t true since we have a lack of organ donation in the country.. and my sister died after waiting for lungs for six months… “ and I kid you not, word for word he said, “well that sucks for her, but I know that is true… I heard it straight from nurses.” Again with the nurse excuse. I think my face was bright red by this point, did he really just say "that sucks for her" about my sister dying? I WAS LIVID... I mean, that is even an understatement. I told him to leave... but the worst part was that he sat there, waiting on his uber... that "5 minutes away" felt like twenty!

Top of the Hub was gracious enough to send me three sets of tickets for the skywalk! So the winners chosen from the random name generator are,
Linda O'neil
Daniela Bradburn 
Alica E
If you could could just e-mail me your address I can send them ASAP! Thanks for entering!

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