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     Since fall is right around the corner... I know, I can't believe it either! I was looking through all of my photo albums, and as I was reminiscing, I came up with a new tag idea-  Sum up of Summer... all it pretty much is, is a quick summary (with pictures, of course, because no post is fun without pictures..) of all the best moments of my Summer! I loved doing this post because it allowed me to look back at some of the best memories I made with my family and friends, it is so important to take time to do these things, it reminds you of the little things you should be grateful for! I tagged a few people at the end- but even if I didn't tag you- feel free to do it... and hashtag it with #SumUpOfSummer so I can see yours! I don't know too many people in the blogger community so this is a great way for me to meet new people! Also, once you've done the tag, make sure to tag 5 more people! 

My first memory of Summer was going out for one of my best friends birthdays! She got a table at Whiskey Saigon, and I had a blast with her and all of her college friends! 

The next memory was from my roommate/bestfriends, graduation from BU! This was so much fun since all of my friends who had since moved to NY, all came back to Boston! 

The next are just some random snapshots of activities I did with friends/family... including nights out in Boston, Red Sox games, dinner in Newbury port, family gatherings, my first experience at the farmers market (where my love affair started)... etc!

My first trip to the beach! We packed up some Sangria, and headed to Plum Island! 

I ate out ALOT. Again, I will be doing a review some great restaurants in the near future, so stay tuned!

I spent a lot of time in New York... for both work and pleasure... okay, maybe a little more pleasure... Hey, most of my best friends live there now! I always have a blast whenever I go! We go to rooftops, great dinners, and the nightlife is insane... oh and don't forget, bottomless brunches

I got to go see Zac Brown Band at Fenway thanks to my best friends awesome boyfriend! It was awesome- besides some girl ripping the hair out of my head (long story)

I was asked to do a photo-shoot with the hand bag company, Angela and Roi! They stand for such great causes... so it was an honor! And after you do the shoot- you are able to write a personal letter to someone to show support of their cause! 

The 4th of July in Chatham (which I did a whole post about, here) with my best friends- this was one of my greatest Summer memories! 

Moving to the financial district was a big moment... I guess ;)

House warming get together!

(excuse the middle finger)

And then going out with my mom and her college friends that were in town! We went to Stella's (seriously amazing food), and then went to a bar in the South End! 

This Summer has been a great one, but I can't wait to see what fall has to bring!
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