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Fourth of July Festivities.

     So, surprise surprise- I didn't vlog my weekend! I am sorry, I know people have been asking for me to get back into vlogging... and I want to... It is just a matter of me remembering to do so. So I will update you with a little less exciting of a post... a picture post of me weekend. 
     First of all, before I get into my weekend I need to take the time to exaggerate the importance of my friendships, without the relationships I have formed... I would be NO WHERE near as strong as I am. I found some amazing people to fill my life, and no amount of praise can express how truly grateful I am to have them... I am hardly a cheesy person, but my obsession with my friends deserves the most gourmet of cheeses with the most expensive of wines. 

      Now let's get onto the post! I went to one of my dearest friends house in Chatham, from Thursday night all the way until Sunday evening (I had to force myself to leave because the reality of it was that I wanted to NEVER leave). It was such a relaxing, yet exciting weekend. 
     We all gathered in the living room area as each one of us trickled in the doorway at about 11:30PM Thursday night. We opened a bottle of wine, and talked and talked and talked. We had a lot of catching up to do. Some of us where coming in from NY, some from CA, so all of us being together hadn't happened in awhile- therefore the talking went on until about 330AM

       We woke up at about 10AM on the 4th, and were met with less than stellar weather. It was cloudy, yet incredibly humid- so we decided to put on our bathing suits and still go out to the pool- but of course had to take a slew of pictures beforehand. My friends and I love pictures, there is nothing better than having these memories to look back on. We actually dressed festive for the pictures! 

         After that, well we of course decided that 12PM was the perfect time to make frozen margaritas. All natural/organic made frozen margaritas... that were dangerously fabulous. We took them out by the pool, made a few (like six more batches, woops) and again, enjoyed each others company! As cloudy as it was- it still wasn't raining so we lucked out. 

And due to the margaritas, we ended up taking even more pictures....

      By night fall, we decided shower and get all dressed up... thinking we were going to be hitting up some bars in downtown Chatham after we ate our (amazzzzzzzzing) dinner. Our friends parents grilled us up some mouth watering chicken and steak, along with salad and other great side dishes. We looked like we hadn't eaten in years- and couldn't get enough of the food

       After stuffing ourselves to the brim, we realized that it was torrential downpours outside. I mean torrential. Along with lighting, thunder, and winds that would whip little old me through the air. Arthur really wanted to make it clear he was still around no matter how calm it seemed earlier in the day. But alas, nothing stops us from going out.... so we hoped in the car, and I drove us all to downtown..... where we were met with a completely shutdown bar and well, every other store/ and restaurant as well. So we hopped back in the car and drove back to the house.... when we opened the door we were met with a complete power outage. Initially we were upset that we weren't able to go out, and that our fourth hadn't been super eventful- but then we realized we were all together, having an amazing time... we shouldn't let a silly power outage change that. Instead, we poured some more glasses of wine and played charades for a record of 3 hours. I had never laughed so hysterically in my entire life.

      We eventually went to bed (had to be around 4AM) and woke up to some brighter weather! We were ecstatic! Finally we could get some sun. We sat outside for a bit, then decided to hit the beach! (stopping at the liquor store first, OF COURSE). We sat out at the beach for a few hours, soaking up as much sun as humanly possible since we got none on the fourth.  

After the beach we headed back to the house, and sat by the pool...taking (I am sure you guessed it) more pictures!

     We later ordered some Sushi, then got ready to ACTUALLY go out for the night. 
We headed to the bar called 'Squire' in the center of Chatham. It is one of the only bars in the town, and therefore it was packed! We had a few drinks, chatted, danced and of course, took a million pictures... (I literally take pictures at every occasion possible).  Eventually the lights came on (the bars there close at 1AM...can you believe that!) so we were outtttta there! Headed back to the house, munched on some hummus and pita chips- and headed to bed.

       Two of the people that were there were heading back to NY Sunday morning so they planned to get up early, another one had a birthday event to get too, but me, I planned to sleep in a bit... I was in no rush to get back! I did however plan to leave by afternoon time to avoid some traffic and get home at a reasonable hour... but friend time/boat time and margarita time pushed my departure back until 6pm!

I had an absolutely amazing weekend. I almost opted out of going because I have been so stressed with all thats going on in my life, but like I always say- YOU are never going to remember the nights you stayed in because you were tired or stressed... you will always, always remember the memories you make when you spend time with the people you love. Grab every single opportunity given to you, try to say yes to every invitation for at least two weeks... you won't regret it, but you may regret saying no. 

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