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30 things to do before 30.

30 things to do before 30

What? Huh? 30… so far away, except not really… except yes it is and I am just being dramatic. But in honor of my birthday coming up (It is on Friday February 21st if anyone is dying to send me a happy birthday cake!) I felt this would be the perfect time to jot down a list of things to do before 30 (I have six years) Sorry, I still have to repeat that age in my head, then remind myself I have six years left, ten times, before I move on from it- I told you I am dramatic.
But really, I have seen life taken from this earth far too soon… so it is time I take advantage of the life I have been given. I have endless opportunities, and so do you! 
Oh, and I already get to take something off this list- giving a kidney! Ha, just kidding, that wasn't really on my list of things to do. 

1. Get my book published- and then turn it into an e-book for kindle/ipad and whatever other technological device you read on. This is first because I can see this getting done within the next year- and jeez has it been a long time coming? Perseverance is key people- remember that blog I posted; nothing worth while comes easy. Never give up your dreams.
2. Start speaking at larger venues about my experiences. 
3. Learn to cook… SOMETHING, seriously I cannot cook for the life of me. 
4. CLICHE MOMENT, travel! But really, I have been to some cool places and would love to add onto that list! I have so many places in mind. 
5. Not run in any marathons because I hate running- oh look I have accomplished this one this far…so it's looking good
6. Keep consistent with my blog and youtube channel.
7.Get more involved in Cystic Fibrosis raise money in anyway possible! 
8. Promote.Organ.Donation! I mean realllllly promote it, annoy the shit out of people until they just feel so peer pressured to become an organ donor themselves, ha, kidding… or am I?
9. Start some new business ventures. 
10. Aka, continue looking into possible prospects to turn my book into a film. 
11. Win the lottery… what? I want to do this. 
12. Start a foundation in Ashley's honor. 
13. Get my motorcycle license, I know mom… take a deep breath.
14. Pick up a new hobby, I have NO idea what… but something completely out of my comfort zone. I have about 5 years to think of things, so I am not completely worried about it yet. 
15. Travel around and eat at the different restaurants I have seen on the food network. 
16. Pick up and move somewhere new. Not forever, just for a period. I want to say I have been/lived other places… for no reason, but just because I could.
17. Go to dinner by myself- sounds weird. Okay, I have become incredibly independent in the last few years- driving cross country by myself, meeting new people, going new places… I came across this new found love of me time. Maybe it sounds narcissistic… but it is a wonderful thing to truly accept and love yourself. I no longer hate being with my own thoughts, I no longer find it necessary to constantly be around someone, I can be by myself and be okay with it. So I started to go to the movies by myself- and I LOVE IT. So now I want to feel comfortable enough to eat out by myself. 
18. Learn how to Salsa, or just learn to dance period. 
19. Pay for a strangers meal. I have done the whole pay it forward, paid for others coffee- but I want to pay for someone randoms, entire meal.
20. Adopt a dog… preferably a Husky, or a German Shepard. I have been around dogs my entire life, but I want to buy, train and call it my own. 
21. Buy my own house.
22. Take my mother on some amazing/to die for vacation. She deserves it. 
23. Travel to every state in the U.S. I have been to most, but I want to say I have been to all. I also want to take home a souvenir from each place.
24. Travel somewhere far, alone. (I am on this whole independence kick I guess.)
25. Promote organ donation internationally (I was featured in a book released in Jordan promoting Organ Donation! But I want to push it's importance even more in foreign countries that are unaware of its significance.) 
26. Go on a cruise with all of my friends! How fun does that sound? Can we actually do this like, next week?
27. Host a big dinner party in my own home. 
28. Do more random acts of kindness for my loved ones… send reminders to my friends of how much I care about them, do cute things for my family to show my appreciation- I don't do these things for them nearly enough. 
29. Go to a wine tasting in Tuscany. Okay these are getting luxurious, I like it. 
30. And most importantly, be happy, just downright happy. 

What is your list? Do we have any of the same things!? Let me know! 

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