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Quotes to live by.

Nothing worth having comes easy.
      We have heard this time and time again… but does it resonate? Or do we just say it to ourselves when times get tough, in hopes that it will make us feel better? Guilty as charged! I have definitely repeated that line in my head, acting as though I don't mind whatever difficulty I am dealing with, while on the inside I am fuming that life just keeps making me jump through hoops and over hurdles. Most times we can relate to that other quote we hear so often… what is it, oh yes, "Easier said than done." That line I stated earlier (nothing worth having comes easy) is definitely one of those "easier said than done", situations. 

       But to be honest…even though I grit my teeth when things get bad, it is true, nothing worth having does come easy. Yes, sometimes there are those people.. born into millions, born with a lavish and what seems to be perfect life, whom we tend to roll our eyes at in jealousy. But before you put that judgment on all the people around you who are better off, look deep into the backgrounds of some CEOs, or successful people (success in anyway, not just monetary)… a lot of the time you will find that many of these people, who made a name for themselves, did it just by working hard. They did things that seemed miserable at the time, knowing it would eventually pay off. They didn't sit back and give up because it seemed like the world was against them. Or get annoyed at the heiress that inherited millions by doing nada, as they slave away in an office, or spend long, and grueling nights trying to perfect their work. So that’s how I motivate myself to keep going. I push, I get knocked down, and I get up again. (Yes I sort of quoted that 90s song we all use to dance too in our living rooms) But when my hard work pays off, I tell ya, it is the best feeling around.
       Even beyond money, fame, or what have you, look at your best relationships. Significant other, friends, and family members…they work because you put effort into them. They are a job! These people make you mad, annoyed, and at times you want to strangle them, but you never give up, because those are the relationships worth fighting for. You only put in that effort because you know they bring more reward into your life then annoyance. The joy and happiness they will ultimately bring, is what makes you work hard to keep it going.

       So yes… sometimes we say these life quotes we find on the Internet because they sound good as a facebook update or twitter status, but at the end of the day...these quotes actually hold truth.