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Is it the Weekend Yet?

Labor day weekend you just were not long enough!!! People... I even had last Friday off along with Monday, but I still woke up Tuesday morning exhausted- dreading the thought of another week. 
My weeks have been busy... very busy! 
The week before Labor day I flew out to LA for work on Wednesday, and came back on Friday morning... did I mention the week right before that, I flew out to LA for work on Wednesday and came back Friday morning... yeah, I did that. The last two weeks I flew out to LA for a two day period and worked the entire time I was there. I was so tired. Like you think it sounds a lot cooler than it actually is.
I did get some cool pictures though- 

I was there for work and no play- but I did stop at In n Out because I am basic. 
The worst part is Adam works Friday and Saturday until close- so that is until around 3/4am, so coming back from California all I wanted to do was snuggle and lay in bed with him... but I couldn't. He does have off Sunday so we make sure Sunday's are our Fundaysszzzz. ha. But really, we spend the morning snuggling and drinking coffee- or I make him go get me a coffee from Dunks (thanks boo), then we spend time walking Sam (WHO IS HUGE BTW), and then we go out to dinner... but have to be home by 8 to watch Bachelor in Paradise (Adam loves that show as much as me). 
This particular Sunday we went to Anthems in Faneuil Hall.. it was our go to spot when I lived on Milk Street. He is a creature of habit and apparently loves their chicken sandwich. You would think since he works in the restaurant industry he would want to venture out a little more?? But nope. He also got the fried twinkies!! I swear if you have met Adam you know how skinny he is- where does the food go!? If I had a fried twinkie you would immediately see the weight gain, ha. 
On our walk home from Anthem I mentioned s'mores- we decided to stop at Walgreens and get all the essentials to make s'mores... yes Adam could fit more in that body. So we did what any city living person who wanted s'mores would do...

Once we realized the lighter wasn't working- Adam put a piece of paper towel on fire and in a pan on top of the oven (Warning: this is dangerous...) They were actually delicious. 

Then last Sunday- Adam went golfing with his friends :( :(. Its okay, he asked way in advance- not that he needs to ask (crazy gf probz) but more because it is one of our only days together so it was just nice of him to ask. So I went back to my house in Andover and spent the day with my mom... which really came down to me watching tennis :(. Go Serena, I guess? I also brought along Sampson who is an odd pup- I love him so much, but I feel like he needs his own TV show... yes, that sounds weird, but I swear to you he has a huge personality. 
We ended up having a seafood bake for dinner and it was delicious!!

That is it for now. I still have some blog posts in my drafts that need to be published. Like the craze about Pumpkin Spice coffee? I have seriously been trying to drink it but just... can't. 

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