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I watch too much TV?


      I have never been a TV watcher... I could sit on my computer all day and night, but sitting in front of a TV was a different story. Growing up I never even had a TV in my room- I could have, I just didn't see the point. If I wanted to watch something I would watch it on my computer (usually by finding illegal links that caused a million in one popups- BUT STilll Bettter than TV am i Rite?) Buttttt, Adam has now taught me that I can now just click the playstation button and wah-la- access to our Hulu Plus account, Netflix and Amazon Prime. So now, every day after work I grab a glass of wine and switch on the TV. 
      Due to this I have become a series queen. I can go through a TV series in a matter of weeks- skillz. I thought I would let you know some of the series I have been loving if you are interested in looking for a new show- (Also let me know what shows I should look into... I think Bloodline will be my next??)

Orange is the New Black- Ok, I remember hearing about this... and seeing statuses about this show EVERYWHERE. I mean, I couldn't log into any of my social accounts with out hearing "TASTEE IS HILARIOUS..." "PENSATUCKY!!" I never cared to even watch it... but as I was scrolling through my Netflix account and saw it, I thought I'd give it a shot... and I caught up to the current season within two weeks. But now I have to wait for the new season to come out which is suppose to be in the Summer of 2016 :( :( :(. But anyway, if you are looking for an intriguing, raunchy, funny, dramatic show- definitely watch this one. 
House of Cards- Here is another one that I avoided even though I was constantly hearing about it. I just didn't want to watch a show about politics since that is all I ever heard about in the news and on my social accounts..(you know those people who are always blasting their political views even though no one asked). But then my love for Kevin Spacey took over... I have always had the BIGGEST crush on him, obsessed really. Speaking of Kevin Spacey, he was walking next to me at this years Boston Marathon.. and I noticed him and literally froze- I was stuttering, Adam was behind me and said "What the hell is wrong with you?" Because he didn't realize who it was. I then reached out to him to grab him, quickly stopping myself because thats not appropriate, and just like that, he put his head phones in and began to run. I gave Adam attitude the rest of the day/also cried/ because I was depressed that the love of my life had ran past me and I couldn't even muster a word. Okay, but now back to HOC, its so good and Frank Underwood is so bad ass. I feel like him in Claire are the modern day Bonnie and Clyde. 
UnBREAKable Kimmy Schmidt- Such a goofy show, but it makes me laugh. There is only one season on Netflix so you know it only took me a day to catch up with. 

Okay and now my other obsession with Netflix- Watching the most obscure/shitty rated movies. I love, love watching like 1 star scary movies about puppets taking over and becoming murderers, clown movies- and I am not talking 'IT' I am talking like horribly made clown movies, kids taking over towns because they are possessed... this is all making me sound like I am crazy- but these movies are hiiii-larious. 

And then I keep up with the shows that I am watching in real time via Hulu Plus. Pretty little liars- huggggge let down. And come on, how are you continuing with this show? SIX YEARS and it was *SPOILER**** CEECEE?????? 
Bachelor in Paradise- LOL. Adam loves this show too, sorry boo!
Law and Order SVU- They are on a hiatus now, but can you believe that I have completely caught up with this show... it is either sad or talented... (sad.) 
Bobs Burgers- Definitely one of Adam and I's favorite shows. It is absolutely hilarious. 

And then I use Amazon to watch movies that have just be released to DVD. I just watched 'Get Hard' with Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart- So funny! I had low expectations for this, but was pleasantly surprised. Such an unexpected duo that worked so well together. 

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