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Things on the web.

So, if I am not working, sleeping or eating.... I am scrolling through the internet finding new blogs, Instagram's, or stalking a friends brothers wife's sister's Facebook. 

Here are some of my current favorite videos/articles/blogs on the web:

When I am hungry, I like to torture myself by going to NYCDINING'S Instagram. DROOL. DYING. AMAZING. How does she stay so skinny? Damn girl. 

“According to The White House, full-time working women earn just 77 cents for every dollar a man earns. That’s some shameful sh*t," the bar’s owner wrote on their website. "So The Way Station is going to do something about it." A pretty awesome read- Discounted drinks for females! 

When I am at work I obsess over my own dogs Instagram, can you believe he is smart enough to use Instagram all on his own? @SampsonTheShepherd

I buy excessive amounts of clothes from this INSANELY cheap online clothing store in China- takes awhile for the clothes to come in, but its worth it when you get like 10 outfits for 100 dollars- AMAZING DEALS!

Hilarious videos get me through the day....
My heart melted.
Nearly choked.

Watching the video of the FSU Quarterback punching that girl made me absolutely sick- Your career is over.

I do need this Pizza Dip in my life... like ASAP. Drooling.

The Daily Horoscope App is accurate as hellllll- Freaky.

Have something funny/interesting/horrifying/weird for me to watch or read... let me know!! 

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