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July 4th festivities.

         It was a beautiful weekend to celebrate our wonderful country. #USA #USA.
I had nothing really planned, and wanted just to go with the flow. Sidenote: The whole weekend was confusing because I thought that Friday was Saturday and that Saturday was Sunday- which isn't a bad thing, just confusing. You know... when you wake up frantically Sunday thinking its Monday. 
        Anyway, Friday afternoon was so beautiful so we took advantage of the heat and took Sampson on a long walk from the South end all the way to Back Bay. He was dying, but we realized he was 7months old so we went to the Polka Dog Bakery  and got him treats... including a 'pupcake' which he diarrhead out not long after. 

Then laid by the pool to catch some sun before the day was over!

      Friday night, Adam and I went out to dinner with my mom and Lindsey. We hit up Del Frisco's (I need to yelp review this place, if you haven't heard I am not Yelp Elite- I feel cool). The food was great, the drinks were great... but the WAIT. I made a reservation and still had to wait for over 30 minutes for a table. Just don't overbook. It is annoying. 
If you go, definitely try the 'VIP cocktail' it is pineapple infused and delicious. Although more than one of those types of drinks usually upset my stomach because they are very sweet. I got tipsy, and so did Adam- who is SUCH a light weight its hilarious... 2 drinks, thats all it takes... at least he is a cheap date ;). 


      Saturday was low key in the morning since the weather kind of sucked. So we took advantage of the later hours when the sun finally broke through the colds. We drove up to NH, bought a ton of fireworks... stopped at a beach side restaurant ordered A TON of seafood (steamers, lobster) ate allllll of it. They also weren't BYOB like we thought, so we had to buy their expensive, cheap plastic cup of wine- so we decided to sneakily open our bottle for refills. Rebels.

Then on Sunday, after having a panic attack, I decided to head to the Cape since Adam had to work. I went to Chatham to visit my friends Nick and Colin, whom I am sure you have seen on this blog. We spent the day at Nicks house, then went to the Beachcomber in Orleans, which was a blast! And I ate more seafood. I feel like I am good without seafood for awhile. 

It was a successful weekend, but I wouldn't have minded a few more days. 

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