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Boycotting uber!!


       I have had my fair share of frustrations with Uber. I get the convenience of it, and it is usually a dollar or two cheaper than your normal taxi...  plus not having to tip, glorious. Wonderful... Except not. 
      Okay prior to this weekend, Uber has always been a hate-love with me. I have never had an Uber ride just show up without having to call and say "WHERE ARE YOU? THE PIN TOLD ME YOU WERE HERE." ... "Well sir or madam, I am not there I am here...." 20 minutes passes, and they finally show up- meanwhile I have seen about ten taxis race by.
I can deal with that, I can deal with people getting lost and not finding my location right away. But this weekend just made me despise Uber. 
       So, my job gave me tickets to the Red Sox- Yankee's game. Which was awesome because I love the Sox (sad season) and Adam is a big Yankees fan (always sad). I had to meet someone on the sales team at Fenway before the game, so I called for an Uber earlier so that I could get to the park early (duh). 
        First of all, at one hand it said "1 minute away" then 2 minutes passed and it is now "5 minutes away.." So, Adam and I sat outside our apt waiting...and I looked down and got notified "Driver cancelled ride." No call, nothing, just cancelled. "Whatever, I will just order another..." The next one comes, I get in, and while we are driving I get an e-mail "cancellation fee $10.00." WHAT! I didn't go on the ride, nor did I cancel it.. how am I being charged for 10 dollars? I immediately contacted uber support and told them... they gave me some speal about "if the ride is cancelled when they are within a proixmity of you then you get charged" OKAY UBER, you need some new technology that will tell you who was the one that cancelled the ride. If it was the driver, then that is due to their own issues and has nothing to do with the rider. Regardless, they reimbursed me for 10 dollars on my next ride (so the one I was currently on). The ride came up as 10cents. I checked my account, I was charged 5 dollars.

       After the game, we called an Uber to get home... It was taking awhile, so I looked down and he had put into the system that I WAS ALREADY on the trip... I get an email that it charged me 15 dollars!! WTF. 15?! I live in Boston, I was going from Fenway to my APT... it would never cost that much. 
Okay, I am fuming now. 
      And I am an idiot who called for another Uber... I thought "this shit can't happen again" WRONG. They driver cancelled (mind you I was at Fenway which is a pretty monumental place in Boston and should not be hard to find). And yet again, I got another e-mail saying it charged me ten dollars. My blood was pumping fast. I was so pissed. 25 DOLLARS CHARGED AND I WAS STILL AT FENWAY. 

I ended up getting a normal Boston taxi...

I sent about 10 emails to the support team saying I DO NOT WANT THIS MONEY for another ride, I want to be reimbursed because I won't be using Uber again. 
They did reimburse, but still were passive aggressively talking about "if a ride is cancelled blah blah" Okay cool, I didn't cancel it. 

Regardless, we had fun at the game- 

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