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That crazy thing called Love.

        I remember begging for 'love' or crying out for attention in my past relationships. I was always putting in the work "please just do this, please just say this." When you begin to feel alone... while in a relationship, it is time to get out.
         I understood all of this once I met Adam, he showed me how you SHOULD feel while dating someone. He gives me love freely, I never have to beg for attention, and he supports me on all of my crazy ideas. He looks at me like I am the best damn thing walking on this earth- and even though I know thats far from the truth- there is a few seconds I actually believe it when our eyes lock. I don't know the definition of love, I don't know why some relationships work while others shit the bed, I can't give you a lesson on how to find the 'perfect' one, all I know is I have found my 'one.' I am so thankful for Ashley because I don't doubt she had some way of bringing us together. 

         I feel like I fall in love with him over and over again. Sometimes its just by the way he kisses me, sometimes its just after a conversation we have had, or sometimes its after we ran around the apartment acting like complete children. On Wednesday I fell in love with him again:

My job is 20 minutes north of the city, I always get stuck in traffic on my way home... this time I didn't mind it. 

I arrived home to the sweetest set up ever- 
I love cheese... and Shrimp... and flowers...and him.
and Sure throw some Hermes in there and I won't be upset.
Then he added in some of his homemade Sangria. He told me he would have to work for most of the weekend so he made it for me and my friends to have while enjoying the pool. 
and I did just what he suggested :)
Sure, love isn't about 'things' or over the top events like Wednesday, its about the fact that he did it to make me happy- that my happiness means that much to him. I love him so much. 

And here is a funny picture to leave you off with- this is how I wake up every morning.....

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