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Life and things I love.

          It's June… and it is not that warm... WHUT. Usually I would be annoyed with people who complained about how cold it was during winter (I was one of those people)… but then went off about how it was too hot once summer arrived. Well, we don't have to worry about those people because I am currently wearing my fall jacket. 
Okay, okay... on to the life updates: 
I moved into the brand new Ink Block apartments in the South End. It works great because Adam's work is walkable (yup, we moved in together!), and for me, it is right next to the highway, so the commute to my job is easy! 
Plus they are all about pups, they have a dog walking service, a puppy spa and even a tinkle room (yes, it is what you are thinking it is). So it is safe to say Sampson is in love. And the dog walkers make sure to send us pictures everyday after his walk! My face always lights up when I am at work and get a pic of my goofball... with his massive tongue always hanging out of his mouth. 
My one problem is the massive Whole Foods right below me… :/ I am going broke. 
And we have a pool that would be used way more if the New England weather would figure itself out. I did lay out on that one Saturday that was 85 degrees and it was fabulous. 

I am loving the new pad, and I will eventually post some pictures when I take them!
Here is a pic where you can kinda see some of the APT:
yes, Sampson and I love carrots. 

I went to the Boston Calling concert thanks to Margaret and Jack for giving Adam and I two VIP tickets. We also went to Emmets pub in Boston with Jack after the concert! It is weird to be walking down the street and have people snapping pictures of the guy you are with... I didn't think people actually did that, but they do. 
The concert was awesome too, and Tenacious D killed it! 

This most recent Saturday the 8th, I got to go to another Polo Match in Newport, RI. I hadn't gone to one since two years ago, and it was a lot of fun. I swear I had no idea what was going on, and couldn't tell you who won... 

We had Ashley's memorial service this past Sunday the 9th. It was emotional as usual, but it is always easier when you are surrounded by a bunch of great people. Her anniversary is actually on the 14th. 
After we went to Aquitaine with my family and had a great brunch. 

Then we went to my cousins rooftop and I took some kewllll pics, 
And just to end this update post on an amazing note- here are some more pics of Sampson
His ears don't know what they want. `

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