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SUPER energy/ Giveaway

Photo by Katie Murray

6:30 AM and the sound of my alarm abruptly takes me from dream land back to
the real world. “Really? Already?” I groan to myself as I sluggishly get up out of
my bed. I reach for the first item of clothing my eyes meet, hope that it matches,
and then attempt to make the rest of myself presentable. I look in the mirror at
the completed attempt; tilt my head side-ways “hm, good enough,” I say.
I drag myself to the kitchen, grab one of the many mugs from the cabinet; place it
under the Keurig while simultaneously pressing the start button...can’t waste
anytime when it comes to my life saver that is coffee. I stare at the slow dripping
stream that pours from the Keurig into my “not a morning person” mug, feeling
as if this whole scenario is some sort of metaphor towards my current state.
Before I can dive deeper into those thoughts, my coffee is ready, without a second
thought I chug it down in half the time it took for the machine to actually make it.
I am out the door.

I sit in traffic feeling exhausted as my heavy eyes struggle to stay open, a sea of
red consumes the lanes of the highway from the, what seems to be, permanently
lit up break lights. I crack open a Coke’ Zero hoping for a quick boost to get me
through this rush hour.

And there it is, my office…that I see as I drive right on by. Why you may ask? I
have to make a stop at the nearest Dunkin’s of course! “Black coffee, pleaseee” I
mumble through the speaker.

As I sat at my desk I was faced with a reality check, not only did I really have to
use the bathroom because of the amount of liquid I had already consumed by
9AM… but I was still ready to fall asleep. I became overwhelmingly frustrated; I
am a 24- year old female whose active lifestyle had been slowly dwindling due to
exhaustion. But WHY? I would go to bed as early as possible each night, do some
sort of exercise after work, eat relatively healthy- but nothing helped. Despite all
of my attempts, I woke up every morning feeling like I had been run over by a
truck, whishing to the time Gods for 5 more minutes. And look, I expect to feel
this way when I am older, a lot older… like the age when you start to notice the
formation of crows feet that not even the best makeup can conceal (so my lack of
energy at that time will be the least of my worries), but at 24 years old!?

This realization motivated me to make some changes, which is why
SUPERCANDY has become my holy-grail product. Instead of relying on 3 cups of
coffee to get, at most, a 10-minute boost, I started reaching for this power packed
snack. I haven’t completely given up coffee, but have limited myself to only once a
day… and even then, I don’t feel like its something I need. I no longer depend on
those things for a quick boost because SUPERCANDY gives me long lasting
energy, and it has ZERO caffeine (I swear it’s the work of a wizard). Plus, it has
all sorts of other benefits too (win-win). I can finally say I have put a stop to my
toxic relationship with caffeine. Those drinks were like bad boyfriends of the past,
gave me absolutely zero benefits and pretty much soaked up every ounce of
energy I had.

It’s an amazing change, really. I have always doubted foods that claim to give you
all sorts of functions (trust issues apparently?), but SUPERCANDY pretty much
brought truth to the whole ‘assuming makes an a…’ I think you get where I am
going with that. My mind was actually blown for lack of a better expression, not
only did this live up to all that it promotes functionality wise, but the taste… the
taste is what gets me. So.Damn.Good. Sour Gummy is just, just… I can’t even
form the right words that explain how good it tastes. I have a major sweet tooth,
and I love me some movie theater candy, but SUPERCANDY easily replaced
those other sweet snacks on the shelf. And it keeps me guiltless when I indulge!
And yes, I have become the girl who, when I go to grab something out of my
purse…. a bunch of 1 oz. packs of SUPERCANDY fall out along with it. It’s okay
though; the packaging is pretty sleek and badass so it actually makes me feel
pretty cool and ‘in’ when people see it in my bag.
I can express my love for this snack until I am blue in the face, I can shout from
the mountaintops about how many vitamins it is packed with, how delicious it
tastes, how it beats out all the other snacks on the market, but you really just
need to try it for yourself.

Maybe if you replace SUPERCANDY with an energy leach that is currently in
your life, you will see the changes that I did. For starters, I like to think I look
more presentable during the day since I now have this newfound energy in the
morning that makes me want to put effort into my appearance (Gosh I hope I do
or that is just sad). Or the fact that the slow pour of coffee from the Keruig is no
longer daunting as it takes its time dripping into my mug, and now I enjoy its
pace as it causes the coffee aroma to fill my apartment. Traffic only means one
thing… I get to jam out to old school 90s songs a littler longer. My workday no
longer revolves around my twenty trips to the bathroom, and I definitely don’t
miss my body jolting as I wake up in a panic because I fell asleep at my desk and
was faced with the terrifying dream of falling down twenty flights of stairs. And
who is happiest about this lifestyle change I have made? My taste buds, that’s

Make the change like I did, you won’t regret it.

So I am giving away a variety pack (seen above) of SUPERCANDY to two random readers! Just leave a comment below!


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