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Sad, but common encounters.

This happened today, I did a post awhile back on my thoughts on feminism.

As I was walking to my car this morning in the South End, I was holding onto a bunch of things that couldn't fit in my bag...A pair of heels being one of those things since my Auntie Madeline's wake is later on tonight. I passed by two older men, one loudly said "I'd like to see you in just those heels" they both laughed. Of course I replied with a, "ha, well you never will.." And then they got mad and both started throwing all sorts of degrading names at me as I continued walking (literally every name under the sun) Moral of the story, woman aren't sexual objects, no one wants to hear your nasty thoughts, who raised you?... and these little things are reminders why feminism needs to be a topic of more discussion.

This is not okay, I shouldn't have to worry about hearing comments like this ever. Things need to change.