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Hello There!

      Alright my blogging consistency is terrible. But I have a full time job, I moved to a new place, and have also had some traumatic things occur … but all in all, I am okay with not blogging. Life is moving, and instead of apologizing to the blogging community- I am happy with where life is moving, and where I am at this moment. 
      Buttttt, regardless of the happiness I have missed this little nook I have to vent/talk/bitch (vent and bitch are two different things)… so here I am, back at it.
And where do I begin? My job is great! I love the people I work with… and have become incredibly close with some of them. My pup pup- he is 5 months now!!! Yes… that little beeb in the post below is 5 months, crazy right? Speaking of 5 months… he gets his balls chopped (gruesome, I know) next month! Which he is not excited about (he only has one ball though, ask me about that for another post), but I am! He will become less cray cray. 
      My Boyfriend… ahhh where do I begin? It is weird for me to even explain this. I remember a year ago I was sitting in my room upset about past relationships, thinking I was destined to never meet a man again, nor did I have any desire to. I even posted an entire post related to 'WHY I AM SINGLE'. During that time I tested out dating sites- nothing ever came from it, but I didn't care. I was okay being alone. Some people don't meet someone that they are with for the rest of their lives and they are okay…I thought I would be okay. But then I met Adam (while I was working as a hostess.. funny story that can be told in another blog post), and things changed. I pushed him away as much as I possibly could- helloooo I am a boss, a bad ass single female who needs NO man- but yet I wanted to be around him at every single moment possible. When I had a funny story- he was the one I needed to tell, when things got difficult… I just needed him to comfort me. This relationship was different, he was kind and gentle, yet put me in my place and motivated me to work harder for what I wanted. He was supportive, a best friend, the kindest man I've ever known, and someone who has shown my unconditional love- a love I have never experienced aside from family members. So that is where we are. 
     I am starring at the prettiest view of Boston, and Adam is passed out so peacefully…let me tell you about that in another blog post too! I am sorry I am leaving so much blank, but seriously I don't want to having nada to blog about and go MIA again, so I am leaving some things open ended. 
     Also, I need to make a special mention for my auntie Madeline who passed away on mothers day. She was the hardest, toughest, and at the same time, the kindest woman I have ever known- and she has a sea of people up in heaven waiting for her. I know that Ashley will be waiting with open arms. 

    Thank you everyone for sticking with me during this long hiatus- life is great aside from a few hiccups...And I will make sure to keep updating! 

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