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I am a mother.

I am a mother. You read that right, I am now a mom.. my child is of the animal form, but puppies can't be that much different from babies (aliens). And if they are, well my son is the best form of the birth control from having an actual human child. I suck at introductions... meet my son Sampson.

Yup.. that is him, that isn't just a doll, that thing of perfection above is all mine. He is a pure bred German Shephard, and those paws- hellllllo 120lb dog to be.
My boyfriend bought him for me as a valentines day/ birthday gift. Have I told you how much I love Adam? I swear I am not just saying this because he gave me my child (ha, sounds weird), but seriously he is the best!!!
I will leave you with a million more pictures because ... what else could be better?



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