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             Life has been a whirlwind... (First of all, that needs to be every Bloggers one-liner after they have slacked on blogging), but really it has been!!... okay seriously, stop rolling your eyes I am being honest! Although I am sure most of you can relate to the busy schedule, I am allowed to use it as an excuse because I just happen to blog about my life. 

Where do I even begin???? So some of my best friends came and visited Boston, and we had a mini reunion and hit up some of our old spots! And it was nice to have them visit because I was beginning to get a tad bit nostalgic!
Christmas was fine. I would do and in-depth post about the things I got or what I did, but it’s long gone- and lets be honest, it’s probably close to the same thing I did last year. My lovely, wonderful boyfriend did however get me 'vlogging' camera because he knew how much I wanted to start making vlogs! How sweet? Gosh, I should do a whole post on him, but REALLY, I sure as hell would roll my eyes so hard (basically looking at the back of my skull) at any blog I read gushing over a significant other- just know that he rocks, is the best, better than any other boyfriend in the world (that was subtle right?)... and you will meet him soon!   But anyway, he bought me this camera and though I have vlogged a bit, my promise to vlog everyday of January kinda didn’t happen. Sowwwwy. But I will be posting more vlogs! (vlog underlines in red, and now that I look I said that word a lot in one paragraph).

         And then New Years... well, I can add some pictures, but again, nothing too exciting. I went to my boyfriend’s restaurant and celebrated there with some close friends/family. It is interesting how much my New Years Eve's have changed so much throughout the years! I use to barely remember those nights... now I have to be careful not to fall asleep before the clock hits midnight. And though the night was pretty low key- I did feel a good buzz after two glasses of champagne (saving money go me... who am I kidding, I wouldn't have paid for my drinks anyway). 

After New Year's I started my 9-5... 9 toooooo 5.... how long? How many hours? LIFE WHEN DID I SIGN UP FOR THIS? PEOPLE ACTUALLY DO THIS? So as you can see, that has pretty much taken up lots of my time. I have also been busy with some side work, and some exciting things that I don't know when I can talk about- but hopefully soon!
I am busy, yet content with life! Being content is such a good feeling. 

Here are some pictures for all you nosey people! ;)



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