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Week Update.

          A long weekend. A much needed long weekend. Full of uneventful, yet much needed... moments. I slept. Caught up on sleeping, really. Getting up at 6 AM every morning tends to take a toll. I am not talking the 1.50$ toll... I am talking, someone please pour a bucket of ice water on my head because I think I am falling asleep while walking, type of toll. 
Lets see. You know when you get in your head and start feeling like you just aren't good enough, or aren't pleasing the people you should be- I think it is partly my anxiety, but I had those thoughts when I started my new job. I was so eager (still am) to make sure I am doing my this consumed my mind throughout the work week. I just want to do the best I possibly can, and I hate when my mind makes me feel I am not doing enough.I am thankful though, that I am starting to feel more accustomed/helpful. Mind you, I have only been working at my new job for two weeks so I think my feelings are normal.
         Getting up at 6AM everyday doesn't really leave you wanting to make plans for week-day outings. I remember when the weekdays and weekends were one in the same- I wasn't eager for lazy Saturdays because I found that I could get at least one hour of lazy in everyday. That is not the case anymore. And even though sometimes I would rather just come home from work, throw on my pajamas and sleep- I do realize that the work load is only going to get heavier as I age, so therefore I need to still live and make memories in my 20s. I have posted this before, yeah there may be some mornings where I am miserable and tired because I decided to go out the night before, but years down the road I am going to remember the night out and not that morning of exhaustion. Especially with my sister passing away, I make sure to live by this logic. 
        So, Thursday night I had a night out with a close friend of mine, Taylor. My boyfriend started as a GM at a new restaurant, so we decided to go have dinner there. It's such a great spot with delicious food- (Bel Ari) you guys need to try it out! I actually went there last Saturday with a bunch of my cousins! This is making me sound like a groupie, ha. So, Thursday night was a blast. Taylor and I could talk for hours. She was actually my first roommate in college (we met via Facebook... and those old conversations are the most brutally awkward thing... we love to look back on those and remember how awkward of human beings we were... and prob still are).
         Friday night I spent in Andover. My new job is in Andover... how ironic, I moved to Boston and started working back in my hometown. It would probably make sense for me to move back...but hellll naw. Ha. I can visit, but I will stick with the commute. I went out a little shopping after work, had dinner with some family, and then drove to my boyfriends apartment... it was perfect because we arrived at the same time.
         Saturday I went out to dinner at the Four Seasons. Did you know that they have a dessert buffet set up (it is literally the cutest thing ever, Instagram worthy if I wasn't so embarrassed to take a picture... I didn't want to be that girl....) It was chocolate covered everything, cake pops, ice cream with a whole bar of toppings... and for 18 dollars! For my drink I got a 'Back Bay Bubbly' which was some sort of gin cocktail. I haven't had a cocktail in so long since I usually opp for a glass of wine (old age, GTFO). So I felt all giddy when my cute little cocktail arrived. After dinner, we headed towards another bar to grab another drink. Two drinks, and that is my limit. Which is great for me and my wallet. 
        Sunday didn't feel quite like Sunday because... I had off Monday!! I slept in until 9... my body is so accustomed to getting up early.. I HATE THAT. I got up, had some coffee, talked with my boyfriend... then laid back down. I fell back asleep until about 12:00. We decided to go grab some lunch. We went to 'Fat Cats' in Quincy. It is seriously one of my new favorite restaurants. If you are ever in the area... you gotttttaaa check it out. Go look at yelp too (I am obsessed with yelp) it has great reviews... 4 out of 5 stars and 750 reviews! We sat and watched some of the NFC championship game between Green Bay and the Sea Hawks. Oh, but I FORGOT TO ADD... I am pretty sure his cat ate me contact case. I don't like cats, never have, never will... and I swear his cat is out to get me. Girl looks at me like she wants to kill me. WHY DOES IT ALWAYS LOOK LIKE CATS ARE STARING INTO YOUR SOUL? I digress... my point was, 'watching the game' was really just me squinting at the TV as if I was giving it dirty looks. In high-school I didn't have contacts, and I am blind (like seriously, legally blind) so I was labeled the bitch for giving everyone dirty looks... thanks mom and dad for giving me shitty vision and a lot of enemies.
        Then we went to the bar and watched the pats kick ass. SO EXCITING! I cannot wait for the Super Bowl! I wish it was next weekend and not two weeks away.
        Now it is Monday. I caught up with some blogging, sipped on a lot of coffee, got some work done... emailed a lot of people, watched some Bob's Burgers (MY FAVORITE SHOW EVER) and here I am. This wasn't the most eventful weekend of my life... but goood lawwwd was it relaxing! 
Did you guys have a long weekend? What did you do?

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