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Re-Launch of Les Zygomates!


      As most of you know, I absolutely love dining out… if I could travel to every restaurant in every city in the United States (and get paid to do so, I am looking at you Anthony Bourdain), I would in a heart beat (although my judging scale would probably depend on the french fry selection on the menu, 'cause you know I love me some french fries)… So, when I was invited to the grand re-opening of Les Zygomates, I was all in!
       Before attending this relaunch I wanted to learn a little more about this well known restaurant. I had heard about it through the grapevine, and all of what I heard had been positive, so no surprise that my research only solidified that! Les Zygomates is a town favorite! People just love being there, the atmosphere, the food, the friendly faces, so much so, that their list of regulars is pretty high. Their french cuisine, which is paired perfectly with the amazing wine selection (I was sold the minute I heard wine), and the sounds of jazz comforting you while you eat, this place had it all. So, when the idea of a redesign came into motion, they knew it it would only shoot Les Zygomates off the charts. 

      For the redesign process they brought in Travis ‘Tbone’ Talbot, who is known all around Boston as the concept extraordinaire when it comes to restaurant designs. Travis has not only designed Les Zygomates, but also the sister restaurant located right next store, Bel Ari, Bostonia Public House, Granary Tavern,  and a new restaurant, Copper Smith 1894 opening in the Summer of 2015.
       When Travis shared his own ideas of how to make Les Zygomates the best possible version of itself, Mark Tosi and Anthony Botta the owners, knew he was the perfect man for the job. They three of them understood the importance of maintaining the integrity of Les Zygomates by not altering the decor so drastically (as they say, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it), but knowing just what to do to make some contemporary changes that give it the boost it needed. I like to think of it as botox, no one said you were unfortunate looking, it just never hurt anyone to get rid of those wrinkles and crows feet.... 

       But let me tell you, walking into that restaurant was just what I had expected, perfection. Well done Travis and the design team, you did it, again! The ambiance was perfectly fitting with the jazz music and contemporary styles. Some of the paintings on the wall caught my eye as they were so intriguing. The whole vibe of the restaurant perfectly encapsulates what I believe a jazz club located in Paris would be like. A little sultry with the dim lighting, countered by the stimulating decor. It definitely lived up to it's expectations. It was just the right amount of contemporary, but not too modern that you felt like you were in some futuristic scene of a movie. 
     The whole night was great. I loved looking at all the paintings and the obviously well thought out decor, I spent some (a lot) of time near the bar closest to where the band was performing (the restaurant is a U shape, you walk in and there is the first bar in eyes view, and then you walk around to the other side of the restaurant where there is a second bar closest to the band, the more the merrier I always say...especially when it comes to bars). I absolutely love how spacious the restaurant is! The band was performing in an alcove that was lifted high off the ground so it wasn't leveled with the dining tables, allowing for whoever is performing to overlook the entire restaurant... This was a great move. I mean, I love live music, but I draw a fine line between enjoying dinner with comforting live music, and live music that is basically on top of your table preventing you from conversing with the person next to you. Les Zygomates got it just right!
     Between the two bar rooms, is a private room with two grand doors, and inside of this room was my favorite part (aside from the wine and decor, apparently I have a lot of favorites)... the food! There was a spread of meats and cheeses, you can never go wrong with meats and cheeses!! It was absolutely delicious and I lost count of how many times I went up for more... (that could have been from the wine though) Bravo Chef Robert Fathman you did good!
     I absolutely urge all of my readers to go check this place out! It is located on South Street in Boston, you won't be disappointed... and if I can suggest trying out the Pan Roasted Duck Breast with lentil salad, rhubarb compote, and maple glazed baby turnips.... are you drooling yet?

Now here are some pictures, since I know you are over hearing me ramble!


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