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French Fry Connoisseur?

         There are a few foods that.. no matter what diet I am on, I just can't give up. They are deemed 'unhealthy' by society, but the way I see it, they make me happy and forget all the problems of the world... so therefore.. they should be considered the healthiest, emotionally at least? (or is that the exact definition of unhealthy?) Regardless, these two beauties are bread and french fries. For real, I am that girl who will go to Bertuccis solely for the starter roles and oil- when I think of meal before I die, those roles and oil pop up immediately. But, my true love of life, the food that brings me the most joy- french fries (this is actually making me think my life currently, must really lack excitement). And for those of you who claim "I just don't like french fries or bread..." I can't trust you.
           Okay, but the cool thing is Mai loves french fries just as much as me- so we sort of make it our goal to find the best in Boston. We definitely haven't hit every spot, but there has been some places that I need to jot done for my fellow french fry connoisseur. And this list will only increase in size, I am sure... so keep your eye out for new places!

Here are my current top five, starting from five all the way up to my top choice! (this list will not include fast food joints, but you must go try tasty burgers fries!!!)

5. Hillstone, 60 State Street. 
I was surprised by how delicious these french fries were, see, this place is one of those restaurants where you don't expect a lot- and are immediately hit with the real meaning behind, "assuming makes an ass out of U and Me..." because you are pleasantly surprised by how delicious the food actually is. So, when we got a side of fries- my hand couldn't stop dipping into that large mountain. They are thin, crunchy, and seasoned perfectly. 

4. The Oceanaire, 40 Court Street. 
This was surprising as well. Mai and I had seen this restaurant a bunch of times and were eager to stop in. The service was weird, and the food was just okay... but gatttt dayum those fries. They were in one of those spiral baskets- and just so delicious/addictive. Mai thought they were too salty, so if you aren't a huge fan of salt I would steer clear of these bad boys, but I could take salt through an IV so the more the merrier. And ANYTHING with TRUFFLE OIL IS SOMETHING FROM THE GODS. 

3. Neptune Oyster, 63 Salem Street.
I am seeing some weird pattern here.. seafood and good fries? But Neptune's Oyster is pretty much a must go regardless of the fries... but I am not here to talk about that, so let me tell you these fries are simply delicious. They aren't matchstick either- so that made me happy. Don't get me wrong, Matchstick are good fries (obviously the two above) but come on, give me some thick, greasy fries (with a bit of a crunch)! Not to add they are VERY generous with their portion sizes... 

2. Yard House, Fenway/Kenmore. 
These. what can I even say? You.must.try them. This menu is seriously endless, but it could be the smallest menu in the world with only the french fries- and I would spend the uber money to go eat them. They are truffle fries with parmesan and herb... and although they are matchstick, they still are a powerhouse with flavor burst with every crunch. 

1. Drink, 348 Congress Street. 
THESE. ARE THE BEST FRIES I HAVE EVER TASTED IN MY ENTIRE LIFE. The whole 'I literally can't even' seriously had to have come from someone eating these fries. They are unlike any fries I have ever tasted (like huge thick sticks... which sounds weird....) and the dipping aoili is just, ahhhh. The concept of the restaurant is pretty awesome in general, and if that doesn't intrigue enough to go in- just go for the damn fries!!! HOW MANY MORE EXCLAMATIONS DO I NEED TO ADD?!

Okay, now that I am re-evaluating my life because of this post... I hope you enjoyed. 

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