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Blogmas day... I am so late.


      I was reading some ‘blogmas,’ blog posts recently, which made me upset that I didn’t get myself involved in this from the start (you know,16 days ago... I have always been one to be late to jump on a bandwagon) First of all, participating in this would have allowed for me to blog on a more consistent basis....which I hope would have pleased my readers...unless you are getting sick of me?!, and second, these are some pretty fun/nostalgic type questions! So win-win, accept I lose-lose because I am 17 days late.
      Also, before I hop into the questions, I just opened up some of my ‘Ask’ box, and I feel like an asshole, a few of you had asked that I do ‘vlogmas’ where I film my life, everyday in the month of December- so, to make up for it, I am going to make up ‘vlogsolution’ (so dumb, I know) and film everyday in the month of January as my resolution (screw trying to lose weight, or do better in life- this sounds like a more reasonable resolution)! Mind you, my life probably will lack a lot of excitement, and I am not sure why you guys want me to film it… BUT, for you sistas and brothas, I will. 

       Now, before I digress anymore than I already have, let me introduce to you my very, super, like why am I even doing this?, late contribution to ‘Blogmas 2014’!
      WAIT, one more thing, I was thinking since I reached my 100th post, I could possibly do a giveaway? What do y'all think? Silly question, that is like asking a child if they want a big bowl of ice-cream, ok, let me re phrase- I am going to do a give-away.. so keep your eyes peeled!

Here are the questions: (and, since I am already out of the loop and doing this my own way, I am just going to start at day 17

Question: Christmas in my home country, traditions, pictures...

So, I must be honest, the holidays have definitely become a lot more difficult to bare ever since Ashley passed away. The first year after her death, we pretty much avoided doing anything that brought back the memory of her- it was just too hard to cope, slowly, but surely we have gotten back to our traditional ways. This, like Thanksgiving, will be the first time in 3 years I am not celebrating the holidays in the hospital... 
My favorite thing about this holiday season, goes out to my home city rather than country... which is, living right next to Faneuil Hall, it is so, so beautiful. I can't help but be mezmorized by the absolutely breathtaking decor... it is so christmasy (is that a word? if not, it should be) and I think I may have about 912390 pictures of the decorations on my phone at this point- it never gets old! 

It is so festive around Boston during this time, makes me happy. Also, I have been craving snow! Anyone else?! I feel like that is the cherry on top of Christmas Decor, everything looks that much more beautiful with a little snow flurry, am I wrong? My mom definitely is shaking her head 'yes, yes you are.' 

For traditions, things have stayed pretty consistent for my fam, except I hope hospitals haven't become party of that tradition?! Yikes. 
We usually always spend Christmas Eve together with immediate family, and my sisters and I will exchange gifts that night, and give our gifts to our mother. When I was younger I loved this part of Christmas- getting gifts a day in advance was the best! 
Then, for Christmas Day, we usually have a big breakfast- and then head over to one of my relatives houses for Christmas dinner (which is really lunch because for some reason its a holiday requirement that you must have 'dinner' at 3pm...) We use to have a schedule when I was growing up, one relative would have Thanksgiving, we would have Christmas and another would have Easter, when things in my family got a little chaotic, we backed out of having the gathering. 

This year, I had the cutest pre-xmas dinner! My sistaaa, and roommate, Mai, put together a Christmas dinner! Girl went all out, and it was amazing! We had decorated the apartment a week in advance with lights and such, so for the party she decorated the table, made an immaculate dinner, all the fixings included, and it was so much fun! She also made this punch that was un-real, dangerously good. 
This is what our apartment looked like after our decorating, (I never said I was Martha Stewart, ok..) 

And this is the amazing dinner party decor:

 I unfortunately can't find any pictures from past Christmas's, but I can show you some of the cute decorations my mom does every year!

So, that about sums up my holiday traditions! What are some of your traditions? Are you doing 'Blogmas'? If so, leave your link below so I can check it out!

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