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So thankful.

           There is so much to be thankful for. So much. The last three years I have celebrated Thanksgiving in the hospital. I had gotten use to that place becoming more of a home than my actual home. I had expected for our ‘big Thanksgiving’ dinner to take place at one of the cold hospital tables in Mass Generals cafeteria. Spending most of the night hoping that my sister would make it through without any hiccups. So, with all the being said, health is what I am most happy for today. I am here. I have one kidney, and the kidney that left my body to save Lindsey, its working great. No. Hospital. In. Sight. The word hospital didn’t even come out of my mouth (accept when I did a cheers… that this Thanksgiving was with family and not in the hospital).

I am thankful for the good, excuse me... amazing friends I have- my best friends are not in the same state as me currently, but I am beyond thankful for their presence in my life. They have helped me/ supported me/ kicked my ass into gear when needed. They have also shined through when the negative reality of other relationships have become clear.

I am thankful to be alive, and thankful to have had my sister alive for the time she did. I will always be so thankful for her time in my life, for the person she made me.

Family, of course. They are wonderful, and the holidays would be no where near enjoyable without them.

For a special person who walked into my life at the perfect time, and continues to express how much he cares about me on daily basis.

I am thankful for feeling so at ease about life- have you ever just felt so happy with everything, for no particular reason… it just is. 

Here are some of my thanksgiving pictures (I pretty much sucked at documenting this day...

So here are the things I am thankful for that are silly and materialistic.


I am actually sitting in my robe currently... if it was socially acceptable to wear in public, I would rock this bad boy errrrryday. 

The 'Scandal Eyes' rimmel mascara

It has bad reviews online- but I swear my eye lashes have never felt so voluminous!

Hulu Plus!

I hate TV, so I only catch up with my shows via hulu plus! Its a life saver.

The Holiday Feeling


I mean... tell me this doesn't just SCREAM Christmas!

This idea

I am not much into DIY projects, but like.... come on. 

What are you guys most thankful for?!

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