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      I feel like I am beginning to sound like a broken record, my weekend was quite uneventful. I feel like that comes with the whole 'growing up' territory. I remember my weekends (or remember trying to put them together the next day) being filled with clubs, bars, and pre games... now they are filled with school work, work work, and oh that other job too... and in between that, sleep. Which is now making sense as to why having two glasses of wine makes me feel 'happy.' YIKES WHEN DID I GET OLD? Don't answer that, I still look like I am 17 so maybe I should start wearing jean skirts and uggs again to make it more believable... no, even I am not that desperate. 
So this is my weekend of uneventfulness
Friday I had a midterm- which I thought I did terrible on, but come to find out I Aced it, so I needed to add that into the post so I could brag. #sorrynotsorry
I worked late Friday night, and then came back to my APT, changed out of my work attire, and headed to a bar to meet some friends for a glass of wine, after the one glass, I called it a night and walked back to my apt. 
Saturday, I slept in a bit. Got up and ran some errands, I love living right near downtown crossing because I can hit up the Marshalls/Tj MAXX/H&M all the time. I bought some cute clothes, none of which I have pictures of... I suck at blogging tonight. Then I headed to work, where I worked until about 1030pm.
After work, I headed to bar for Lindsey's birthday, had two glasses of wine- chatted a bit, and took a selfie because... well, because I am vain. Also took an 'artsy' picture in the elevator of my APT complex to show off my outfit- which really wasn't much to show off. I feel like I am being quite self deprecating right now... but I NEED pictures to add to this post so it isn't terribly boring for you guys!! 

SUNDAY! Still uneventful things happening, but at least a little more exciting than the prior two days. I woke up, showered, yah know.. the usual, and then my mom came into the city to grab lunch with me! It has been hot minute since we have done one of our lunch dates, so it was nice to catch up. With her schedule and my schedule, we find it difficult staying in the loop with each others lives. We also wanted to take this time to look for a gift for Lindsey's birthday! 
Side note: Have any of you been to Sip? I love it!! The Sushi is delicious, and it is fusion... so we also got the 'edamole dip' which is some sort of guac/hummus concoction. I have gotten flatbreads there before as well.. definitely check it out! The fall/apple inspired sangria is delicious. I had two, and ended up walking out of the restaurant without my purse and sunglasses, walked back in and the waiter said "so the Sangria was good?" UGH. 

Then I worked Sunday night until 10... 

How was y'alls weekend? More eventful than mine?

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