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Thursday's Thoughts.


        Thursdays are my laziest days, so I of course always look forward to them... knowing I can sleep all day (besides my one class in the AM…. which I may or may not have slept through today….) and it allows me time to catch up on my blogging, book, emails… all the while still laying in my bed... so win win. 
       I wanted to just do another ramble post about things I am loving at the moment. First things first, FALL!!!! I am so excited it is here, well, sorta… kinda here? Actually it will be 82 on Sunday, get it together New England. But on the days that the fall weather peaks through, I get pretty excited. Plus, the market down the street has their pumpkins out, so I mean, even in 82 degree weather fall is lingering around, letting us know it is ready to push the summer weather out of its face. 
      One of my favorite parts of fall is the clothes, I love the fact that I can look 'homeless' everyday and its considered 'chic'. I kid, I only look 'homeless' every other day. The burgundies, leather, and darker LIPS, thoughhhhh (I love me some black lipstick) *you look intimidating with dark lipstick* good, stay the hell away from me. 
      My roommate and I have been dying to go to the MFA's first friday of the month, so I have been browsing websites for the perfect dress to wear... I found Hybrid Fashion (click the banner on the side of my blog to see for yourself)... they have some gorgeous selections.
     There is also the cutesy things to do like, apple picking, pumpkin picking, and making up these elaborate plans of baking an apple pie and carving a pumpkin while watching the leaves fall from the trees,  sporting an adorable oversized knit sweater, (note that I said  'making up' and not actually taking part in... cause I hardly do these things, but they are fun to think about). Although, the ritz carlton does a (classsssy) pop up apple orchard! count me in on that one.. you can read about it here
      Wheelhouse Coffee, I have been once so far, and I am already dreaming about tomorrow so I can go again (maybe ill bite the bullet and go twice in a day? over indulgent? probably) My roommate went and let me know that she got 'cinnamon toast crunch' iced coffee... I was sold. Plus, it is next to our apartment, so technically I lied when I told you guys I hadn't gotten out of bed today (I threw my hair up, put some sunglasses on and walked down stairs to check it out) and it was worth it. They had a list outside of all the flavors, I picked coconut cream pie- and the best part is that it isn't a syrup, the flavor is grinded (is that even a word?) in with the beans! Check it out guys. 
        And EMMA WATSON'S amazing speech on gender equality is everything... she perfectly articulated the importance of gender equality, and how both genders need to band together to stop any inequalities that continue to go on in our world. #heforshe is the slogan, and you all need to check it out here. She was later attacked for her stance, but that needs to be discussed in a later blog post all on its own.
        Also, my roommate and I want to become parents.... we are trying to foster a dog!! If you have an advice/ know of a great shelter to go through, let me know!

Are you as excited about Fall as I am? 

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