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Shaving Money! (pun intended)


      I don’t know if this has happened to any of you guys, but have you ever been getting ready for a night out, showering, luffa-ing, and then when you go to shave your legs, you realize you have a dull blade- yuppppp, my life story! So I run, trying hard not to slip and break a limb, to my counter to check if I have any extras (making a puddle on the floor), and of course the pack is empty… so tights it is! When my family and I heard of dollar shave club, we knew we had to sign up, and we are now obsessed- and can go tights free from now on. Dollar shave provides great razors, shipped right to your door?! HELLO! All you have to do is pick your razor of choice, and then pay a wicked (yeah, clearly I am from Boston) cheap monthly fee… seriously, only $1,$6 or $9) and they show up at your door! 
       Dollar Shave Club inspired me to think about exactly what it is I do to ‘shave money,’ cute, huh? So I thought I would give you guys my tips on saving a few extra bucks! 

1. Started acting like an ‘Adult!’ (only kinda, and only sometimes).

I found that ever since moving into my apartment, whenever I go shopping, I look for cheaper alternatives! I use to have a blind eye to price, and only went name brand, until I realized the significantly cheaper prizes the non name brands were… and they were NO different? I felt like I had been getting played all my life! I went into Walgreens the other day to get some cleaning supplies, zip lock bags, and other house hold essentials! As my hand gravitated towards the name brand…my eyes went to the cheaper price!

2. Getting those rewards. 

Seriously (I use this word a lot, does it actuaaaally get the point across?), if you go often to CVS or Walgreens, or whatever store, check if they have a rewards card! I have gotten like 10 dollars of extra care bucks from CVS, and also the points from Walgreens… which you can then use in the store for anything, pretty awesome! I know a lot of people assume rewards points are bogus and don’t actually help, but I swear they do! 

3. Find different places to get your produce. 

I have told you guys about my new love affair with the farmers market? I mean, if you can look past the sardine packed strip of people (some sort of smell like B.O) it is THE BEST thing I have accepted into my life! I live right next to one that goes on during Friday’s and Saturday’s, I am sure it will be ending soon, so I need to take advantage of the last few weekends ! It is so incredibly cheap for getting great produce! You just walk around, and you can choose all sorts of fruits and veggies, lbs for only 1 to 2 dollars. I suggest bringing a reusable bag instead of carrying twenty plastic grocery bags back home… I learnt my lesson the first time. 

4. Cooking at home?

Huh? What!? But I live in the city- let me eaaaaat at all the great restaurants! I know, its easy to want to test out all the great kitchens around the area you live. I live in Boston, and I have little self control when it comes to saying no to eating out at a restaurant, but when it comes to saving… its important to not over do it. So with the produce you bought at the farmers market, and a few things at your local grocery store- you can cook up a cheap, delicious meal at home! Make sure you make enough so that you can…. 

5. BRING your own lunch to work/school..

The great dinner you made last night that saved you money? It can also save you money the following day! Pack yourself a lunch from home, you won’t feel tempted to go out for lunch/ or buy some food on campus, and you will save money! 


 This one is something prevalent in my everyday life! I have tried the whole.. make it at home thing, but there is something about going to a coffee shop in the morning, and getting a quick cup made for you... so here is my suggestion, quit with the fancy schmancy drinks! Instead of getting that extra light, super charged, machilatteee lalalal, get an iced coffee, or a regular coffee- so much cheaper! If you are addicted to your regular, intense order, maybe it is time to look into how to make it at home!

So there are some of my tips for saving a few bucks!! 

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