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    Now that I am living in the heart of the city with no car (hello separation anxiety), I have come to enjoy walking.. (really I was forced to enjoy it since I have no other choice) I attempt to walk at least 4 miles a day… not only because it is good for me (and because I have no car so I have too…can you tell I miss my car?), but also because I love being able to explore the city. There are so many things I have yet to see, and with all this excessive walking, I have been able to find some awesome gems around me that I would not have found otherwise. So I thought I could dedicate some posts to some good restaurants/stores/coffee shops I have found as a result of my exploring, that I believe, deserve to be shared.
      Side note: I also have to dedicate a whole entire post to the best truffle fries in Boston…Mai and I have become quite the experts when it comes to truffle fries, we make it a point to order them at every restaurant we go to… (yes a salad, dressing on the side…. oh and the biggest order of truffle fries you have…moderation people) we just love them that much! She is currently in the South of France so I am having withdrawals and will have to wait for her return to get my palate back on track. 

     So for today, I am talking about coffee. I absolutely love finding smaller coffee shops, they are such hidden treasures as the big chain businesses like Starbucks and Dunkins take up every street corner in the city. But once you sip on that homemade coffee, all the bigger chain coffee is put to shame…and you probably won’t be going back to your old habits. 
    The first one I actually heard about from a friend… and then when I saw saw it as I was walking down Newbury street, I had to stop in! It is called Wired Puppy. Now my coffee preference is probably different than yours- I like my iced coffee with some bizarre/ sweet flavor… you know, strawberry shortcake extravaganza, or something weird like that.. so my taste may only relate to some people.. but after checking out the yelp reviews- it seems that there is something for everyone (even the true coffee connoisseur!) I also checked out their website and saw that they won best coffee shop in Boston in 2010.. so they must be doing something right. The original, and only other shop is in provincetown, and it has won Cape Cod Magazine's Best of Cape Cod and Islands for 7 years running (2007-2013).

So they have a long board near the counter with all the flavors you can put into your coffee- I mean everything from peanut butter, to toffee crunch, to almond… the list goes on and on! I got a shot of banana and coconut last time! Very good. My friend ally (I have to give her credit or she’ll kill me) told me about the mix of peanut butter and dark chocolate- it literally tastes like reeces puffs! SO GOOD, that is a must try! I can't wait to try all sorts of different combinations. From my apartment, it is a 2.66 mile walk, and then back is another 2.66 miles... I would only make that walk for good coffee... so trust me, go try it! It is also all organic direct for those of you who are into that. 
         The next place I went to... which I went for the first time yesterday, is called Flat Black Coffee Company.. which is a Boston based business that "offers twenty single-origin coffees from around the world. Micro-roasting ensures that your beans, brewed cup, or espresso beverage contain the richest flavors of origin. Taste how beautiful the world of coffee can be." Obviously stole it from the website since I know little about the business itself- but what I can say is that I thoroughly enjoyed my iced coffee (I got the coconut mocha flavored, seriously delicious!) and my friend got the honey bun, and loved it just as much as I loved mine! The best part- this one is directly across from my apartment, which could potentially turn into a bad thing... all well. I can't wait to try more- people on the reviews were raving about the flat white and espresso, so that'll be my next try! 
         So have you guys tried any coffees from these places? If so, what did you think... and if you have any places you'd like to recommend, please do! 

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