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Inside look 5.

         And this has been my face for the last week and a half- I am exhausted....I have been working from 7 to 5 everyday, while still running social media for CoGifter.Com... Oh, um... and some big news on the book front- but for now, I will let y'alls minds wander about what that news could be! Soon I can unleash all the big updates so don't you worry. This Summer has been filled with completely amazing opportunities/experiences, and I couldn't be more excited with where my life is going! 
      But anyway, I thought I would use this post to show you all another piece of my book, I thought it made sense to do so after the exciting news that just happened recently (yes I am going to kill you with suspense).. here are the entries I have already posted if you would like to check them out first! First ExcerptSecond ExcerptThird Excerpt, and Fourth Excerpt.

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