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Everyone hates selfies?


        Well I don't! I take them here or there. I post the ones I like, and trash the ones I don't. I turn my front camera on, do a little smirk (because I don't smile) and snap a picture of myself- yes, my self.. why? Because I put effort into my appearance that day and I thought I looked damn good, so the real question is, why the hell not? I don't really get why people think selfies are so bad... we live in a society where thinking you look good is considered conceited, and yet calling yourself ugly is asking for attention... well hell with society... I am going to post selfies until I am old and wrinkled (and even then I may continue, jazzing up my walker, finding the perfect filter to make it look fab) can you imagine instagram in 30 years? Okay, side tracked. Plus, I grew up never being 100% comfortable in my own skin, and I still struggle with my appearance here or there, so if I have a day where I am feeling beautiful- I am going to hang onto it! Anyway, that was my quick (probably annoying), selfie rant for the day! 
    I also just modeled some handbags for the company Angela and Roi, and all of y'all need to check them out- they have beautiful pieces, and they also support such amazing causes- which you all know stuff like that is near and dear to my heart! (they sent me a sample picture of me modeling one of the bags, below... I can't wait to see them all!!) 

      I have been so busy with school, CoGifter.Com (the startup company I work for... we launch soon, but until then- I would love for you all to go follow all of CoGifter's social media accounts...,Twitter,Instagram) Other writing/blogging/book work is also keeping me quite busy (and stressed)....  and LAST, but of course not least... I start working at a camp for the whole month of July, on Monday! So, in short, life is crazy right now. But I am keeping my blog as one of my main priorities, and trying my hardest to keep it updated! 

      I am going down to Chatham for Fourth of July festivities this weekend- and I can only imagine how insane it is going to be with all of my best friends in one house- despite the weather we are suppose to get, we will make it fun! I am definitely going to try and vlog the weekend, if not expect a picture update!

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