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Inspired and Uninspired.

Another month, another Inspired and Uninspired! I keep forgetting to do these because the months are going by way to0 fast- slow down Summer... so here is my June/July list!


1// During the Summer nights  you can usually find me sitting on a nice restaurant patio, while ordering some fruity cocktails with my friends. My go-to drink of choice is usually sangria. The other day I was craving it, but I wasn't at a restaurant I was sitting on my back deck. I thought, hey I should try making some sangria- but then I remembered I am incredibly lazy... so I found SeƱor Sangria at the liquor store instead, and although it is so sweet that you fear you may get diabetes... its delicious! I go with the white.

2// Ed Sheeran's song, 'Don't.' I can't even (I sound like a typical girl- literally, I can't even, i'm dead), this is such a good song. I have never been a huge fan of his, but I found this song and I am now in love

3// I feel like I am always getting new notebooks- but come on, look at this incredibly inappropriate notebook I just got. YUP. perfect. I can't really bring it out much, but still its awesome. 

4// MARSHALLS. Need I say more? I feel like Marshall's is such a hit to miss, and it has been a consistent hit for me as of late. And I love when people ask me where I got some of the things I wearing- they are usually shocked when I say Marshall's. 

5// The bachelorette. I mean, what's better than a ridiculous reality television show? Okay, a lot of things... but it is definitely up there on the list of awesome things. 

6// The quote speaks for itself- when I get busy, I tend to forget to put as much effort into time spent with family and friends. I am moving on August 1st, so its important to make sure I spend as much time with family before I go... cause you know, my mom is a bit clingy (and freaking out... jk, love ya).



1// Slow drivers. REALLY DOE... I can't deal with it. I have places to be, people to see, MOVE

2// That shirt, ahhhh. I have actually called some kid out who had it on recently, and thats what made me realize how much I needed to add this into my monthly inspired and uninspired. UGH. 

3// So that takes me to my next uninspired this month, which is Boys. Haha, youuu know... boy drama.... Its shown its face this month- so it had to be added here. 

4// The fact that when I walk outside some days I feel like I am hitting a wall of humidity. I die. I sweat. I smell. My hair is stuck to my face. I HATE IT... but watch me complain about the cold in a few months, #sorrynotsorry (do hashtags even work on here?)

5// So I just got the Gold 5s because Gold.. and I previously had the 5 and then 5C (don't ask its hard for me to even be reminded of that) and the battery life one those were great... but here I am with the 5S and I can't keep it charged for the life of me... and I mean, it will be at 100% at midnight, I will go to bed- if I forget to plug it in, it will be dead by the AM. It. Drives. Me. Crazy. 

So these have been my monthly inspired and uninspired- Let me know if you have any of the same- or if you have done some of your monthly favorites!! I would love to check it out. 

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