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May's Inspired and Uninspired.

A few days late, but I am back with another 'Inspired and Uninspired'... 

1// SKINNY POP IS it still considered skinny if I eat the entire bag in one sitting? I think so.
2// Yogurt covered pretzels....what more needs to be said?
3// Law and Order SVU.... I have been binge watching... and seriously netflix, stop pausing and asking me if I still want to continue watching, who cares if it has been 7 hours?! stop judging me. 
4// Ipad... I never realized how amazing it was until I started my four hour biology class that started this Summer.... yeah you read that right. 
5// Citizens of Humanity flare jeans and Celine T-shirt... people hate flare jeans, but I have been loving them with my Celine oversized T. 
6// Neutrogena Shine Control... I got to hand it to Neutrogena, this line works wonders! 

1// Running... man, I reallllly want to love running, but I HATE it. 
2// Summer TV... IT SUCKS! I want all my fall TV shows back... but not fall. 
3// Vampire Diaries... I love the show, don't get me wrong... but (spoiler alert) if Damon is gone for good, hell nahhhh. 
4// Revlon Photo Ready... made me the opposite of ready for photos. Grease ball. 
5// Coconut water... I'll stick with normal water, thanks though. 
6// The Weather... I wouldn't be from New England if I didn't complain about the weather. But seriously... warm weather stick around PLEASE. 

Do we have any of the same monthly likes or dislikes?!

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