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     I saw a few bloggers do a post on their currents… meaning, what you are currently cooking/watching.. just in general, what you are currently doing in life, and well, I thought this would be a great way to take a break from my more emotional last few posts I have made. So here we gooooooo

Cooking: OFF TO A BAD START… I don’t cook… yeah come and wife me up guys. But really, I should learn. I am however currently eating some hummus and pita chips while watching (ten episodes) of my favorite show, so there is that. The next button is cruel.

Watching: Jonah from Tonga…. its an Australian based show. If none of you have watched Summer Heights High, or Ja’mie: private school girl- GO DO IT NOW, you will not stop laughing once... like you may pee your pants from laughing hysterically.

Planning: Just some upcoming blog posts, summer trips, work for CoGifter.Com (can’t wait to share more about that with y’all) but I am also a bad planner, so I am actually...currently sitting here stuffing my face with hummus, watching a movie and writing this- planning is like the furthest thing from my mind. 

Reading: I am still stuck on the Hunger Games books- I am SORRY mom!! I try to read as much as possible (so barely) but life gets busy


Wearing: Celtics boxers and a t-shirt, because even though I am posting this Tuesday afternoon… I am writing it Monday night… so picture this…I am stuffing my face with hummus because I can’t cook, so this will suffice as dinner, watching a movie, not reading any books, and planning nothing… so if that doesn’t make you want to date me… reevaluate your life. 

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