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Keyword Search.

So, I have seen a few bloggers make posts about the keywords people use to find their blog! You can check it out by looking at your Google Analytics, then clicking traffic sources...when you scroll down to the bottom it should have a list of the key words people put into Google to find your blog. 
When I was reading these bloggers posts, I noticed that a lot of the keywords used were understandable, relating to that particular blogs purpose... but then there were the select few that were WEIRD... which of course made it funny to read! I had to check mine after reading some of them… and lets just say, I died... not literally of course, but some of the keywords used to find my blog ARE SO WEIRD... So weird that I feel like I need to put a PG 13 disclaimer on this post alone. Ha. I let the key words accumulate over a few weeks… and then picked some of the typical ones… all the way to the most bizarre. 

Lets start with some of the more understandable searches- 
MacKenzie Dias surprises there…. this was one of the top used keywords people use to search for my blog. 

TMI TAG… which makes sense, since I just did that video tag on my blog.

then there was,
Easy Random Questions... ha… well then, I GUESS my blog is a good source to find some really easy and random questions... glad I have a purpose. 

this next one is quite interesting… 
How We Be Strong Easy…. right... I am not going to touch the wording... and I guess I DO have all the answers when it comes to finding a quick and easy way to be strong. ;) 

and then,
Crazy Girlfriend Memes...Which again somewhat makes sense... except the whole point of that blog post was to explain how girls are NOT crazy... maybe I should have considered changing the name of the post? My bad. 

OKAY… then there is this one..
First Time In Sex Girls Get Breathe…? Then What Do? … I WISH I was making this up, WHAT THE HELL? First of all, what are you even asking? Hopefully whoever you are sleeping with is breathing, because if not… well to answer your “Then What Do?”... you call the cops. Second of all, HOW DOES THIS RELATE TO MY BLOG? Just because this person used the word BREATHE? Ha! I was actually dying laughing when I read this/ while simultaneously feeling creeped out. 

and um, then... 
Stop breathing... okay, I feel like my blog is being used for the wrong purposes!! AH! 

and here is a screen shot of that really weird key word, just so you guys see that it is sadly... real.

So yeah, I think I need to start checking those keywords more often... do any of you have interesting/or weird ones? Let me know so I don't feel alone

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