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Inside look 4.

In no particular order... just sections that I scroll on when I open my book. 
Click here for the first excerpt I've posted.. First Excerpt

Click here for the second excerpt I've posted.. Second Excerpt 

Click here for the third excerpt I've posted... Third Excerpt

 Before you go ahead and read this excerpt... here is an explanation:

This is an in depth documentation of the memories I have growing up as the healthy child in a family centered around illness. I will start with the first memory I have, continuing on with the next, and so on. Explaining in depth, the affect of watching my two older sisters struggle to survive, my mother fighting against cancer, all the while still tending to her sick daughters, and my father walking out the door, unable to handle anymore of life’s struggles, had on me. I document each age, and because the memories are sporadic, the italicized statements give you a better understanding on what’s to come next.This is a story to show my families struggles, the anger and hatred that grew inside of me from it all, and how I was able to find the path of positivity, despite all the factors that seemed to be against me.

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