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Go away loneliness.

       I was beginning to get quite lonely with all my friends being spread around the country… I hadn’t been to New York in a couple weekends due to my schedule- and that is long while for me, so I could just feel the loneliness begin to creep up. But before it could, I got the best news ever- everyone would be back in the city for our friends graduation! I couldn’t contain my excitement… finally all back together in my beloved city. I made a promise to myself that I would film the weekend and document all the fun experiences so I could share with you all… but of course, I filmed one clip of me saying how excited I was for the weekend.. and that was it. I will post that clip below, and then document the rest of the weekend with pictures. 
These people deserve so much credit in helping me stay positive. 

The weekend started when my best friend arrived into Boston, it was late, but we decided to hop around to different bars around the Fenway area anyway. 

I was so excited to see her... as you can tell!
Then another friend made it into Boston... he was on another train. We went to the only bar that was still open (Boston bars need to stay open later!!)


After that late night, we had to get up early to go watch our friend receive her diploma!
Of course had to take pictures of our outfits before hand.

And the GRADUATE herself!

After, some of us went to sit at Scoozi's on Newbury street because it was absolutely beautiful out... and we of course needed to order about six pitchers of there sangria since it is amazing!


Then we decided to walk around and go to some other out door patios, I didn't document any of this... I think the sangria took over at this point.
Soon enough it was getting close to 7:30pm, which meant it was time to head to The Palm restaurant, where Mai's family reserved the entire back room for her friends and family... the food was to DIE for.
I got the lobster bisque, calamari, and sea bass as my entree... you pretty much had to roll us out of there.

Then it was off to BIJOU, where there was an order of 14 bottles of Dom Perignon just to celebrate Mai's accomplishment... and no I am not exaggerating, 14 bottles.

And alas, that was all I documented. I had such a great weekend- and I am so looking forward to Memorial day weekend since word through the grapevine is that everyone will be back once again!

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