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For you I hope.

A letter I wish I could have sent to my younger self,

I hope that you don’t encounter many difficult days, but when you do face days of gloom and hardship, I hope you realize that the pain won’t last forever.
I hope that you never shut yourself off from the world due to fear of getting hurt… hurting is inevitable and will only make you stronger.
I hope the first person you fall in love with is yourself, your whole flawed self.
I hope that you realize some people in your life are going to leave, and instead of allowing the pain of them leaving consume you, I hope you focus on the good times spent with them.
I hope you realize how important it is to open up your feelings with those closest to you, and that doing so will not make you look weak.
I hope you let those who love you, do just that, love you.
I hope you realize that behind every mistake is some type of lesson to be learnt.
I hope that the hurt you do feel never rids you of your compassion and generosity.
I hope that you get told countless times that you are intelligent, strong, witty, funny… and that you don’t care to hear about your outward beauty, because you know its the qualities within you that matter.
I hope that when you face cruel people, and you will, you can look past whatever it is they say or do, not letting it strip away your courage and warmth. I hope you realize that you will not be around those people forever, therefore giving them no power over you.
I hope you find something to do that you love, and I hope that when you find that something, you never give up on it.
I hope that you when you do have days of questioning where you are going or what you are doing, you still continue on, even if that causes more questioning.
I hope that you surround yourself with people that lift you up, people that love you just because.
I hope you never feel the need to change who you are to fit in… the right people will come along, don’t settle.
I hope that you stand by whatever it is you believe in… remember, YOU are the sole controller of your own opinions and choices.
I hope you find solace in helping those who are struggling around you.
I hope you never have to feel the burden of money, and if you do, I hope you see that there are things that can make you infinitely richer than money ever could.
 I hope, throughout it all, you find it easy to find happiness in a world where it is so easy to find sorrow.

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