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Where do you find YOUR inspiration?

I use this blog to talk about inspiration, how inspiration is the key to my own happiness. I talk about things one can do to keep themselves inspired, like the inspiration boards, but I don't really specify who or what it is, that causes my inspiration. This post may be a little cheesy, so go grab yourself a (few) glasses of wine, and enjoy!

Ok, lets start with the more expected means of my inspiration… 

My Family

They motivate me, yes, but they also inspire me. I see how hard each one works to reach their own goals, always making sure to put forth their best effort no matter what endeavor they are jumping into. I see how much support they give to one another, having no expectation of gratitude in return. I watch them express love so openly, without a second thought. It is beautiful to see people who display raw, authentic, and purely genuine intentions. Seeing them display these characteristics daily, inspires me to be these best person I can. 


I have lost and gained friends throughout the years. I have felt betrayed, I have felt loved… But I think I can finally say, with confidence, I have finally formed a group of friends who I know will stick with me until the end… and if I do say so myself, I pick em good. All jokes aside, my friends are a main source behind my inspiration. They, like my family, love me without expecting something in return. They love me… that's it, no because, no reason why, they just love me. I see how hard they work at their own lives, fighting to reach each of their goals, and not falling apart when something doesn't go as planned. They perfectly balance work, friendships, family life, and do it with such ease. Each day, without a doubt, they inspire me to work for what I want… to never quite, and realize that NOTHING is going to come easy, but thats ok

Random people-

I know you are probably like, what? But it is true, seeing a person I don't know, working hard.. whether that person is working at Starbucks, McDonald's, or as a CEO of a large company… when they can do their job, and maintain a smile on their face no matter how hectic things can get… I can't think of many things more inspiring then that. 


I still go onto Ashley's blog every now and again, and read some of her past posts she wrote while in Cleveland as she waited for her new lungs. Her uncanny ability to say all of those painful words with such ease, is still awe-worthy. Each sentence I read inspires me.
I also follow other blogs of people whom I don't know, and I find some sort of inspiration in many of them. 

Long car rides by myself-

I find myself on many occasions, jumping into my car, blasting some of my favorite songs, and driving with no destination in mind. I love those long, peaceful drives. I have the window ever so slightly cracked open, letting the sun sneak through to find a resting place on my cheek, creating the perfect scenario for  inspiration to be born. After all, when do you think I came up with this blog post?

Originality, Rawness-

Finding people who hold these traits. People who are themselves, flaws and all, play a big part in my own inspiration, they push me to appreciate the person I am.


Finding someone who, no matter what hardships life has thrown their way, is genuinely happy. People that realize life is going to have many of its... 'when it rains it pours,' moments, but still stands tall in that rain until the sun peaks through again.

Getting things accomplished-

Whether it be a small, minute accomplishment, or something on a larger scale… each accomplishment grants me the same amount of inspiration.

Doing something to help others-

Say's it all right there. Nothing more inspiring then helping someone out, to then see the smile YOU put on their face.

People who started from the bottom-

To quote Drake, "now we here." But really, people who came from nothing, and preserved through it all, and are now doing exactly what they've always dreamed. Reaching heights they thought were unattainable

The notion that, "if he/she could make their dreams a reality… so can I"

Think of someone you idolize, they are a normal person like you and I… if they could become what they are, what is stopping you from doing the same? 

Moments of reflection-

The time I take to realize how far I have come

So tell me, where do you find your inspiration?

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