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Giveaway time!


              April showers bring... Giveaways! (Ok, cheesy...I know)
I am very excited about this giveaway! (And I know, "Mackenzie you always say that," but it's the absolute truth!) I have been talking with this wonderful lady, Laurel, on Etsy...she makes absolutely gorgeous...and INSPIRATIONAL!!! canvases! I was practically drooling as I scrolled through her page- I mean guys, I just did an inspirational board video... So it is pretty obvious these pieces are right up my alley! Go check out all of her pieces over at ElmStStudioPrintables. Seriously do it, you will be wanting to pin every one of them on your Pinterest. 
     And guess what (if you weren't able to guess, I'm worried about you)... She is letting me do a giveaway here on my blog! And GUESS WHAT AGAIN (I don't expect you to guess this one), she didn't offer to giveaway one piece, she offered two! How amazing? She herself said, "I'd also love to go ahead and giveaway 2 to the winner." So not only are all of her pieces amazing, she is as well! 
     I decided to wait until April to do this giveaway because I thought this is the perfect month for us to add some inspiration into our lives- there isn't many things that are more inspiring then the month of April, being able to see the switch from winter to spring clear as day... the flowers blooming, birds chirping, it's as if everyone gets a new, clean slate, a new chapter. I love it, putting all the burdens from the winter months behind us, and only looking forward as the sun glistens down on your bare face.
    And now what you guys have been waiting for, the rules for the giveaway! You have a week to enter, you can comment under this blog post... Or you can go onto the Breathe Easy Facebook page and like the status talking about this giveaway! Then I will pick all the names randomly! Once a winner as been chosen, you can go pick out which one you want on her Etsy account... As for the second piece, I am going to let Laurel pick that one! 
Hope this brings some inspiration back into your Monday morning!

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