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April's Inspired & Uninspired

I have been loving all of these posts that other bloggers have been sharing about their monthly loves and hates. These things can range from makeup items, food, clothing, magazines, any materialistic items all the way to personal items… you name it, you can add it to your list! So I wanted to share mine, but instead of using the words love and hate… I wanted to keep it within the theme of my blog, so here is my inspired & uninspired things of April. 

(ps. I announce the winner to my most recent giveaway at the bottom of this post... so go ahead and just scroll there now since I know you want to!) 


1// The loreal Lumi Primer, and Neutrogena Healthy Blend Powder.


I absolutely love the glisten the Lumi Primer gives your cheeks, its the perfect amount of shine without looking too greasy. I've hit pan with the Healthy Skin Blend (there is barely any left so I've been using my tweezers to scrape around the edges to get the remainder of what is left on my brush), I think that speaks for how much I love it! It mattes my skin, leaving a great finish after I've applied the rest of my makeup! 


This is what the Easter Bunny brought me, and it makes me smile every morning when I wake up and see it looking at me all sassy. 

3// Uh, don't judge me. 

I seriously can't stop drinking Diet Rootbeer. HOW is it DIET yet tastes SO GOOD? Actually don't answer that, i'm sure whatever it is, is poisoning my insides. 

4// My Journal.

Because what would I do with out you?

5// Old photos. 

I am so thankful that I was that annoying girl back in the day who always had her camera... the one who always had to stop the actual moment, just to document it. This whole month has been full of nostalgia as a I reminisced through my old iPhoto pictures. 

5//Life quotes.

Come on, you didn't think I would forget to add this, did you?


1// Final Exams.

Pretty much speaks for itself! I am drowning over here. 

2// My favorite team....

I know, you are confused. Don't get me wrong... the Celtics will always, always be my favorite... hell, I have a MASSIVE framed photo of Rondo next to my bed, but this month for the Celtics franchise..has been far from inspiring. 

3// Kale.

I REALLY want to like it... I mean, its the new craze... its super good for you, has many health benefits... but it also sucks. So bye feliciaaaa. 

4// Insomnia.


UGH! I don't remember the last time I fell asleep before 2AM... and that is with the use of sleeping aids. Doesn't matter how early I wake up- sleep just doesn't come easy. 

The end;
Well that concludes my loves and hates of April! I will definitely start doing this every month! Let me know some of your inspired and uninspired :)

And congrats to the winner of my most recent giveaway, 

Jessica Dennis! I will be sending you a message shortly! 


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