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This and That.


     Whenever someone is asked what they want to be in the future, or what their life goals are… I usually hear, "I want to be happy." I've personally given that answer... either because its truly what I felt… or simply because it was an easy,cliche thing to say. Either way, I no longer understand how that is an acceptable answer. Isn't a goal something we strive for? Something we want to happen in our FUTURE…  I don't want happiness in my future, I want happiness now. I don't want to do things each day, achieve X Y and Z.. in hopes that it will solidify happiness in my future. I want to do things that make me happy EVERYDAY.. So don't make that your goal for the future, make that your now. 
But how is one suppose to just be happy you may ask. It is a lot more simple than we make it out to be. Stop letting the smallest, and most trivial things, ruin your entire day. You spilt your coffee? YIKES, that does suck… but you'll get through it. Ugh,you are bored and that is keeping you from happiness?.. well thats an easy fix, change your daily routine- spice things up! Lonely? Stop using that as an excuse... because more than likely, you are actually SURROUNDED by people who love you. People who would do anything to support you. Just because you don't have plans, or haven't heard from one of these people in a few days… does not mean you are alone forever. 
We spend way too much of our time finding the negatives. Too much time over analyzing, over thinking and over reacting. We waste time thinking we aren't good enough, but screw that..what even is "good enough?"… who coins who is and isn't? because I would love to have a word with them. We waste to much time looking down… thinking negatively, we forget that the world is moving along in front of us. You have one life to live, go live it. Forget those surpressing thoughts. 

Hearts For Hope Gala

    I had a wonderful time at the Hearts for Hope Foundation this Saturday! I was so happy that they asked me to join in on this great cause. It was filled with love. I was also able to meet so many people that have dealt with many similar situations as I.. which was quite surreal.  

    Also, I had the honor of guest blogging on JayHawkMommy … where I pushed the importance of Organ Donation! Please go check out my article and share the story! 

Final thoughts of the day,
I've realized, all I want to do is help. I want to help because I don't think people should suffer as they do, because if there is no bigger meaning, then the smallest act of kindness is the greatest thing in the world. 

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