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Hearts 4 Hope.

     A few weeks back I was contacted by a lovely woman who saw my families story on Fox News. She is one of the lovely ladies who runs the Hearts 4 Hope foundation, a non profit organization started in 2009 that is aimed to help families, financially, who are battling Cystic Fibrosis. They have done amazing work thus far, and to date, have raised over 400,000 dollars to help aid these families. 
      This foundation hits close to home for my family and I, as we have definitely felt the financial burden that has been brought on from the constant medical attention due to both of my sisters Cystic Fibrosis. So when this wonderful woman contacted me, I was thrilled to be connected with this organization. They even extended an invitation to me for the foundations upcoming gala this Saturday, March 22nd. I couldn't feel more honored to attend an event supporting this great cause. 
      Everyone should take the time to check out the website, You can make a donation...And if you are unable to do that, just go browse the site and see how much this foundation has made a difference in so many families lives! 

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