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The Sunday Blues.

Oh Sundays, how I love to hate you. You are the one day I have of pure freedom, the one day I am able to sleep until 2PM... that one day I have not a care in the world. But with all that time, with all that freedom, my mind takes full advantage... it uses that freedom to wander, to push open doors that I don't want open, and before I know it, it sneakily rips away my freedom turning me into a ball of anxiety. Silly mind, pulling me into that dreary world of self pity. So here I am, feeling sad for some unknown reason instead of allowing it to completely take control of my emotions, I did things that I enjoy, things that pulled me out of that black hole.. So here is the second edition of...what to do when you are upset!
(Check out the first edition Here)

-I woke up, feeling blue... so I started watching some youtube videos! I love just laying in bed and watching some youtube gurus do their own 'looks of the day' it helps give me ideas with my own make up! 

-So I of course decided to do my own make up after watching youtube for two hours! I had no occasion, I just thoroughly enjoy playing around with different makeup looks.. and hey, I got some new pointers from youtube!

If you have oily skin.. and tend to get sweaty throughout the day in your T-zone area... I highly recommend the NYX shine killer! The Balm Hot Mamma blush is also gorgeous! oh, oh! and the High Beam from benefit is on point- do you ever wonder how celebrities get that gorgeous shine above their cheekbone? Well thats how! Sorry, I get a little too excited about makeup.

-Then I went through a lot of my clothes, when I realized I have way too many...So I was able to find some I no longer have use for, and put them in the Good Will pile! (trust me, it feels good to know they are going somewhere useful.)

-Then I took some selfies in a romper that I found hidden under a bunch of my clothes.. I couldn't believe I had yet to wear it.. so without further ado (or adieu whichever you prefer) meet my gorgeous romper... (I don't understand why people hate selfies so much, hey if you are feeling good about yourself, why not?)

After I took those selfies- yeah I noticed how awful my nails were (cue all of you going back to take a look at the picture above) so I decided to paint those bad boys

-So with painted nails and a new outfit... I hoped in the car to go on a mind clearing drive. I swear those drives are therapeutic. 

-After a long, no destination drive... I decided to call a friend and see if they'd care to get a drink with me... Always the best thing to do on a dreary Sunday (by the way, Bertucci's Sangria is awesome) 

-And now here I am, in bed.. drinking some green tea from this beautiful mug one of my dearest friends made for me

(HOW AMAZING? I am trying to get her to start a business up for these beauties!)

-Oh and along with the tea, I am listening to this old-school, terrible... yet sort of amazing... playlist 

-And all of a sudden... Sunday isn't feeling so bad. 

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