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A Dream Giveaway.

     I am so excited about this post! I mean, I am usually excited about all my updates... but I think this one takes the cake. I have no doubt that you guys will feel the same way... So now that I have got your attention and you are getting annoyed, about ready to scroll past my blabber to see what I am talking about- let's get to it!

    Ok, so most of you know that I have a love for all things positive/inspirational, I mean that is pretty much the whole premise of my blog! So when I found FoxyOriginals.. You can say I became a tad bit obsessive with each piece of jewelry I saw. I mean jewelry and inspiration all rolled into one? Hello dream come true! You guys know that I fully believe one positive thought in the morning can change your entire day... unfortunately there is only so long you can stare at a quote on the wall to gain that inspiration... but what if you could carry that inspiration with you throughout the day? That's when it hit me, I. Needed. All. Of. Their. Pieces. In. My. Collection. IMMEDIATELY. And after scrolling, and scrolling some more...a smile spread across my face... I could make that dream come true without killing my bank account.

     I spent... well I won't tell you how long I spent on the website so you guys will still think I have a life (shocker, me getting obsessive? No way...) I was in awe with the beauty and precise detailing that shined through my screen as I went from page to page! I have seen canvases, wall art, and other decorum that display some sort of inspirational quote or positive outlook, hey my whole room pretty much resembles that of a tacky billboard... But I had never seen jewelry that did the same thing... So I just had to share this website with you guys!
      And if you don't feel like wearing an inspirational piece... They have so much more! Some of the Samba pieces are my favorite, look at this beauty! But I will let you guys go to the website yourselves and take a look! Plus, reading about how the company got started is inspirational in of itself, it shows true perseverance!

      Ok, and now that moment you are all waiting for- the giveaway! These lovely ladies over at FoxyOriginals allowed me to do a giveaway with one of their pieces! I got to pick one out that I thought everyone would love! It's going to be the same set up as my last giveaway- you can either comment under this blog or you can go like the most recent Facebook status that talks about this giveaway, here! I will then put your names into, where a name will be drawn. It will end a week from the day this blog was posted.

And here is the piece I chose: Click for gold option! 

Oh, and you are welcome for letting you in on my new obsession... that I am sure will become some of yours as well.

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