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The snow is falling at an increasingly fast pace outside of my window, I can currently appreciate and acknowledge its beauty… but that is because I am using it as an excuse to snuggle up in bed, while sporting my oversized knitted sweatshirt and comfy pants- if I had been outside for most of today, I can assure you this post would have a completely different tone in regards to what mother nature is brewing up for us yankees. 
I thought I would take time to answer some of the questions in my ask box. If you didn't know... I have a website set up for people to ask me questions… the link is on the sidebar! 
How does Lindsey stay so strong? And how is she doing? Does religion help you through your trials as a family?
Great questions! I'm not sure if you mean strong physically or emotionally? In regards to her physical strength, unfortunately, she is rather weak. It's hard to see her in her current state, and I can see in her eyes that any of the strength she has left, is slowly drifting away. This whole process has been incredibly draining for her, and nothing short of frustrating for all of us. Her health isn't going to get any better without a new kidney- she is on dialysis three times a week, which is a lot for anyone, but especially a girl who stands at 4'11 and weighs 80 pounds. We need MGH to get this transplant done as soon as possible. 
Now, If you are talking about her emotional strength, I think a lot of it comes from her support system. We have an incredibly large family, who is constantly proving their love for one another… without them, strength would just be another word in the dictionary.
I think my first response sort of indicates how she is doing- not so well. She has been in the hospital for over a month now… she missed Thanksgiving, and will more then likely miss Christmas. It's been rather difficult, but we thankfully have great family and friends to help us get through these trying times. 

I always talk to Ashley, and pray to her when I begin to feel overwhelmed with what life is throwing at me. So yes, I think religion has helped me personally, get through these trials. When Ashley first passed away, I definitely felt myself direct my anger above… and could feel that I was loosing my faith...I thought, how could I believe in God if he could take my Ashley away? Which I think is a common occurrence for someone who deals with a death- but I have realized thats not how faith works, and I have slowly began to bring my religious beliefs back into my life.
Thank you so much for the questions! 

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