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Glimmer of hope.

     Here is my little insight for the day. Please wake up and remind yourself how beautiful life is. Wake up and remind yourself that the "bad" moments, don't make your whole life bad. Wake up and notice, as you hop off your bed… that you have the ability to use those legs, and that in itself is something not everyone can do. Notice the little things. Notice the big yawn you make in the morning, since some people can barely catch their own breath. Wake up and notice the weather outside, and embrace it, even if its  cold and gloomy… because some people will never be able to see that beautiful site. Be happy as you make your way to your destination, whether it be work, school or something else, and realize some people don't get to do those things. Just remember to always try and search for that glimmer of hope, even if our world seems filled with so much uncertainty and triviality. 

   I am also going to use this entry as a little bit of an update.… 
Lindsey has been in the hospital for close to a month now, seeming to get sicker by the day. She initially went in for wounds, deep wounds, that just would not heal, ironically… located on her heel. She was put in a hyperbaric chamber, which the doctors used to try and heal them. Unfortunately, they didn't see a positive change, so they stopped using the chamber all together. 
After the wounds, she ended up getting an infection…and overall, things went downhill for her health wise. It has been a rough go. I am praying/hoping that the doctors will realize that this transplant NEEDS to happen soon. Very, very soon. Mass General has been, to say the LEAST, incredibly frustrating to deal with.
    So now I know you are waiting for the kidney transplant update, but, until the doctors themselves call ME and give me a definite date… I won't be bringing it up, just because I know how back and fourth it has been, and it gets frustrating. I promise, once I know, YOU will all know. I can however say that I am 100% the donor. I was called and told you are DEFINITELY the donor by the head doctor on my team, but other then that, I was given no dates. 

Breathe Easy

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