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The Thanksgiving holiday is winding down, and here I am sprawled out on my bed, stuffed to the brim. I thought this would be the perfect time to update my blog. I have nothing really insightful to say, I simply just felt it necessary to express my thanks on here...since after all, that is the purpose of this holiday. Although I feel thankful year round for the things I am about to mention, I wanted to write them down on here in honor of thanksgiving!
First and foremost, I am so thankful for having had my sister, Ashley in my life for the twenty two years that I did. She taught me to love, to be compassionate, and gave me the strength I need to continue on this journey called life, all the while, keeping my head held high.
My mother, who is undoubtedly the strongest individual in the world. It's difficult having someone like you to aspire to be like, since the qualities you possess are truly awe-worthy, but thank you for teaching me to constantly work at being the best version of myself that I can.
The rest of my family, all of you hold an incredibly special place in my heart... I will protect each one of you until the day that I die. No matter how close we are, or aren't... I love you just as much.
Friends, most of you go under the family category... I surround myself with people like you because, you encourage me, you teach me, always protect me, and the best of all, prove that there are people out there who can love you just because.
The 'friends' that I have not yet met- you guys, my readers. Thank you for your continuous support, and constant encouragement.
Thankful for the bed that I am currently sprawled out in, thankful for the food that fills my stomach, for the laptop that I am writing these thanks on, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, thankful for each breath I take.

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