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        I had a long conversation with a friend of mine the other day, she brought up a relationship of hers, talking about how she felt it just wasn't worth it... then saying something that hit me like a ton of bricks, "I probably would have gotten hurt anyway… so there really was no point in letting my guard down and continuing to try to make it work." … it took so much restraint to not literally shake some sense into her. In short, I nearly exploded. 
       WHY oh WHY do we think our lives would be better off if we just all together avoid, any possibility, of getting hurt… who cares if we miss out on some of the greatest times of our lives, hey at least we wont get hurt, right? Actually.. let's just never get out of bed because doing so leaves us open to potentially being vulnerable. Yes, because that sounds like a great way to live. I am sorry if I am coming off blunt, and sort of harsh… but I can't express how important it is for US to get over this fear! It is inevitable we will feel hurt sometimes, but that should never be the reason to run away from a relationship... avoiding relationships due to fear, is actually hurting your more then any relationship could.

       Relationships bring you affirmation, compassion, protection, and  just overall help shape your life, most times, for the better. If you avoid all relationships in fear of getting hurt, since everyone has the potential to "hurt" you, think about how lonely your life would be? Erase away half the memories that make you smile, those would be non existent. So is running away from people/opportunities, in fear of getting hurt, really worth it? 
       I know this may come off as me saying ALL relationships will be amazing, and bring you joy, but I understand that is 100% not true. I am the first to admit that some of my relationships have left me heart broken. I have lost people, been betrayed, and just went on a separate path as someone I love. I have cried, yelled, and felt like my life was "over," but I would put myself through all of that again, and again, because it was all worth it. Those friendships, the laughs, the memories, the hurt, the tears, ALL worth it.
       Like I stated before, not all relationships will go smoothly, or be the epitome of happiness. Some may just be tiring, and quite frankly, miserable. THATS OK. I promise you, you will get through it, your life WILL NOT end. Relationships are worth it, all of them. It may take you a month, a year, or even longer after a relationship you had ends, but I promise you… you will eventually see how they have all helped you in some way...either by giving you a reason to look back and smile, helping you become a stronger person, or teaching you some sort of life lesson for the future. 

       So next time you question, "is it worth it involving myself in this relationship?" I can't promise you that you won't feel hurt at some point, but I can promise you that it will be worth it.   

Also, I started an Ask.FM account where you can ask my questions for my future Q&A videos (the link is right under my about me button)! I am also hoping to do a give away soon for all of my readers who have stuck with me throughout my hardships, lack of updates, and so on! I appreciate all of you more than I can even express.