html> Breathe Easy: Stop pretending.

Stop pretending.

      Are you feeling down? Or did something happen that just set you off into that terrible depressive mode? We have all been there…and as much as I PREACH positivity (which I still believe is the best way to live life) you still get sad. It is normal to feel this way, we are only human after all.
       Whenever I lay my head down to fall asleep, it never works out the way I want it to. I yearn to just shut my eyes, and then after a minute or two, be frolicking in dream land. Instead, the complete opposite happens, and my mind gets rushed with every possible thing I had tried to avoid thinking about earlier in the day. Its like your minds way of proving you can never run away from your problems. And it isn't proven in a gentle manner, instead, you feel like a massive wave crashed down in your brain and is now being flooded with every thought and worry. We have ALL been there. Its inevitable, but this post isn't to talk about that in depth, or give some sort of remedy to avoid it, this post is to tell you to stop acting like everything is fine when it isn't.
       I know what you are all thinking…What MacKenzie!? You sound hypocritical! Maybe I do, maybe I act as if I am always happy go lucky, or that positive ass hole you want to roll your eyes at… which I usually am, but I still realize the importance of letting yourself talk, cry, sulk etc. I know everyone loves to display strength when they are dealing with a hardship… but I have come to realize true strength is being able to have your moments of sadness, your moments where you reach out to your loved ones and ask for them to just sit and listen to whats going on in your life. If you don't do this on occasion, then your nights are going to be full of lying in bed, unable to shake those thoughts. I have been there!
       So just remember you don't have to act like everything is fine when it isn't. And no, I don't mean for every little problem you face... a chipped nail doesn't apply to this. The sooner you do this, the sooner you will be frolicking in dreamland.